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9/18/2005 c6 1Lovers-of-Darkness
Please update soon!
9/18/2005 c6 5TeeDee
You're doing an awesome job on this story, never you fear~ I look forward to your updates, and LOVE reading each new piece as it's given!

9/18/2005 c6 Yana5
please don't let harry fall out with Ron and Hermione
9/18/2005 c6 Catherine
Really enjoying this story, hope you do manage to update more then once a week, its a bright spot in my day!
9/17/2005 c5 12Wilting Rose 08
I really like this story. I especially like that they don't see each other and immediately jump into bed together. I think that, so far, you've written it very well. I can't wait to see Harry's history revealed!
9/16/2005 c5 margo04
Woo Hoo me like keep on writting
9/16/2005 c5 thuyhy-thuyhy
interesting story ^^ update son, please
9/15/2005 c5 3Shadow of ZAFT
I like this story soo much! Please keep writing! It is so about time Harry got a backbone!
9/15/2005 c5 dido
Excellent, well written story. Thank you! Please more soon.
9/15/2005 c5 fragonknight01
Ah! Wheels within wheels. I think I like it so far. So, is it manipulation if both sides know they are playing chess?
9/15/2005 c4 fragonknight01
How dare you make a rotten Herms? I even like her most of the time. (except not today)

I liked Harry's little teapot scene also!
9/15/2005 c5 5Makalani Astral
omg! cannot wait to see ad get his comeuppance!
9/14/2005 c5 MaraWeaves
Oh goodie! I just love it when Harry forms a third faction in the war and does away with all the manipulations. Please keep going!
9/14/2005 c5 acr
Good chapter. Interesting.
9/14/2005 c5 ME
brillant! i can't wait till u update!
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