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6/22/2006 c3 9Mew-Sahara
Pudding: *twitches* I. Like. CHEESE! AND KEIICHIRO! *hops on scooter (regular not electric)* LET'S GO KEIICHIRO!

Keiichiro: IT RYHMES! *hops on scooter* WHE!

Pudding: We're not moving.

Keiichiro: EXACTLY!
6/22/2006 c2 Mew-Sahara
Keiichiro: I SHAVED MY HEAD! I'M GONNA BECOME A MONK! HAHAHAHA! *Month later* I ditched the monks. I"m TOO SEXY FOR THEM! *starts to sing 'I'm to sexy for my shirt' song*

Lettuce: I. Like. CRAZY! *three days later* HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!
6/22/2006 c1 Mew-Sahara



MONKEYS: *glomp as well*

TART: 0.0
6/14/2006 c5 5I-luv-Kish-and-dark
Three more chappies? Yayness! I love this- It's hilarious! What about-

Kish: Hey, Ichigo? Did you know that I eat diapers?

Ichigo: You rock, Kish! Let's go eat diapers together!

Masaya: Hey, those belong to me! (the diapers do)
6/14/2006 c5 4Mew Lizzy
Number 6 was HILARIOUS! -dies laughing- Update soon!
6/11/2006 c5 Yushi
This is hilarious. Now be quiet, I'm trying to think of something funny...



this could take a while. ... ... i got it!

Keiichiro: Um, Ryou...

Ryou: Yeah?

Keiichiro: I never told you this, but I have cheese in my socks.

Ryou: O.o

Ichigo:(Frying pan behind back) Oh, Kish! I have a little present for you!

Kish: Yes! *Flys over*

Ichigo hits hit with frying pan that turns into a chicken that lays eggs on him and then it turns into a little Tart dollie that blathers nonsense and then turns back into a frying pan.

Okay that wasn't that good but deal with it.

6/11/2006 c5 2ambassador.to.the.Beyond
Aww, I'm really a silly lil cookie? That's the nicest thing such a deranged person has ever said to me! Well, actually, no, but thanks anyway! I honestly can't remember thinking those things up, and I'm so thankful for fanfiction cuz it is a semi-permanant record of funny things I've said when I'm bored. Toodles!
6/11/2006 c5 3AnimeMew
woot! this is really good...and so funny! belive me I know what you mean...lately i've been into inuyasha more than tmm! but this was one of the most funny stories ever and my bro agrees! as for ideas...

Mint: I LOVE TO WORK! Ichigo you can take a break I'll do all your work for you!

Ichigo: I HATE CATS! They are so gross!

Pudding:...I hate the world...

Tart: PUDDING! my little candy I love you so much! I even did your laundry!


Kish: Like omg! ichigo is like so stupid!

Lettuce: you guys are such wimps! come on get some back bone will ya!

Zakuro: Like lets so go shopping! omg omg omg! I HAVE to have that cute pink shirt! it like would look so cute on me...right guys? right...RIGHT!

Masaya: I hate cleanliness! *starts throwing trash everywhere in his room*...MUCH BETTER!

Deep Blue: I'm bored...hey guys lets play spin the bottle!

Blue Knight: Ichigo save yourself! I'm so tired of having to save your but every single day!


Keiirchio: I hate baking...I'll try parachuting instead!

Well thats all I got!-.-;; GOOD LUCK!
6/11/2006 c5 6MissBlaze
awesome plz plz plz plz update soon


Meow55 xoxoxoox
5/30/2006 c4 5I-luv-Kish-and-dark
What about-

Zakuro: Let's throw a party on the roof! Then we can, like, eat candy, and, like, do nailpolish, and play house...

Mint: You suck, Zakuro. Even more then Tea.

Ichigo: Masaya, I hate you! I like Pai now.

Masaya: Cool, because I'm taking over the earth soon! Mwahahaha!

Deep Blue: I will take over the land of fairies and unicorns!
2/18/2006 c4 5Xakt
hmm... let's see

1. Hi! Zakuruo here! here's how to get rid of stress, you just eat your worst nemisis's name! for example pai! (pullS a pie out of nowhere and shoves her face in it) or this! (rips open a pudding and slurps it down) or this or thiss! (shoves strawberies and poptarts in her mouth) heh-heh heh-heh MUAHAHAHA!

2. pai: da-da-da-da da-da da-da can't touCh this da-da-da-da da-da da-da can't touch this!

3. lettuce : *burning books and danceing around a fire* ha-who-gwa-heeha-hohoho!

4. Pai: OMG! KISH! kish: what? pai: OMG look! mint! she's in your family album! kish: OMG how is that posiblely possible? Tart: that explaines why you have the same hairdoo as mint Kish: i so totally do not! Tart: yes you do! if you take out your hairbands you hair looks like it Kish: T.T

5. Kish: *yawn* (tries to get out of bed but relises he's stuck) ALRIGHT WHO TIED MY RIBBONS AROUND THE MATRESS AGAIN!

6. Ryou: hey ichigo, you wanna know how i got Masha? Ichigo: how? Ryou: well since i'm part cat and all i axadentaly ate one part of keiichiro's computer and then coughed it up in a hairball and it was alive Ichigo: OMG! i'm gonna puke! *runs to bathroom*

7. Pai: beep! beep boop boop! bop boop! Tart: what in the world are you doing? Pai: shh! i'm talking to my computer! Computer: buz Pai: buzz boop boop!

8. Kish: *looking in mirror* heh heh heh Pai: what are you laughing at? Kish: pai you dimwit! don't you know that people who are wearing green are horny? Pai: in english please Kish: look it up in the dictionary you twit! never mind your most likely to stupid to know what a dictionary is. it means sexy!

9. pai:CURSE THE QUEEN OF HEATRS! Kish: why? Pai: didn't you hear the ryhme? 'the queen of hearts, she made some tarts!' so if it weren't for her, we'ed never have our annoying runt on board!

10. kish: *while levitating* you can fly you can fly you can fly! **note this song is from peter pan*
1/21/2006 c1 Delete Unwanted Account
Hey! You got that from the Neko-Tokyo Website! I saw it there I know I did! Did you steal it? Or did she let you copy it?
1/7/2006 c1 ryou mint4eva
everyone slapping their heads DOY! pai but i dont wanna eat my brocli kish NO NOT THE ATOMIC WEDIGE ryou RYOU GO BOOM angelic layer referemce i dont own it
1/7/2006 c1 ryou mint4eva
everyone slapping their heads DOY! pai but i dont wanna eat my brocli kish NO NOT THE ATOMIC WEDIGE ryou RYOU GO BOOM angelic layer referemce i dont own it
1/7/2006 c1 ryou mint4eva
everyone slapping their heads DOY! pai but i dont wanna eat my brocli kish NO NOT THE ATOMIC WEDIGE ryou RYOU GO BOOM angelic layer referemce i dont own it
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