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11/23/2005 c3 4Mew Lizzy
10/24/2005 c1 2ambassador.to.the.Beyond
hi! ! ! ! ! !

Retasu: Guys, are you sure we should- aw, screw my insecurity! LETZ GO BUNGEE JUMPING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Pudding(stopping beside homeless dude by side of road): Here, take some cash, you need it more than me.

Zakuro: *twitch* must *twitch* have *twitch* COMPANY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


actually ichigo might say that... well itz funny!

10/24/2005 c2 ambassador.to.the.Beyond
well, that was... um... interesting. Clap for em cuz i actually got some of it! and u know why that's such a big accomplishment? well for starters, it was ME that accomplished it,a nd second, I haven't read but like 1 page of TMM! I ordered books 1-5 on the internet, but i got them used for to save money. 2-5 came this weekend, but i don't have numbah 1, so I can't start reading until it gets here! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ::sniff:: ::adds story to favs for to find it again later and stuffs::

10/17/2005 c2 sam
HAHAHAHA! KEP GOING! THIS IS A funy ffanfic alight!
10/16/2005 c2 20Marie the Hedgecat
Hee... ^^ That was funny! I hope you make more soon!

(Kish: I love you Ichigo! I will follow you to the ends of the earth... (sees a random cupcake) ... YUMMY! (chaces cupcake))
10/16/2005 c2 Ouka Tenshi
(1):Zakuro: (Eyes twitches freakishly) I-Luv_U!-U-Luv_ ME! WERE A HAPPY FAMILY!

(2): Blue Knight: (plays around with ponytail) Don't you just luv my hair? It took me like, 2 hours to do right!

(3): Lettuce: (Says to mint) Yo mama!

(4): Ryou: (hums)I liked Ichigo!I like Ichigo!SHES SO CUTE!

Ichigo: (BLushes) have u been drinking Ryou?

(5): Tart:Why does Pai have a girly fan?

Pai: I do not! (waves fan in front of face)

(6): Kish:(grinning and sings) Ichigo has pink panties!

Ichigo: (shrieks) KISH!

~ there u go!
10/16/2005 c2 5Xakt
did u get my othres? here's more!

1. ryou: *looks makes sure no one's looking and puts on ichigo's cafe alfet* hey not bad. confey to!

2. Keiichiro: can i stop smileing now? my cheeks hurt! really they do!

3. zakuro: *says in polite voice* welcome to the cafe! may i take your order? *smiles politly*

4. Tart: kish you look like a girl! Kish: oh ya? well at least i don't have pigtails 4 a hair doo! Pie: both of u quite it! we're all girls cause we're wearing 2-peices!

5. Ichigo: m... purina dog chow!

6. just so you guys know, this manshion is no my house, it's my neighbors. that *pionts to box* is my house. so are my clothes, because i don't own any at all WAHH!

7. (Continued from #6) Ryou: Same here, wah!

8. Kish: kisses and hugs? EWW!

9. Pie: whats 2+2= fish right? or is it 22?

10. (woohoo lucky # 10!) Zakuro: this isn't really my hair! *rips off pretty purple hair 2 reveal bald-ness All other mew mews: AAH! TO SHINEY! OUR EYES IN PAIN!

hope u like it!
10/16/2005 c1 Xakt
ideas! :)

1. Tart *saying to pudding*: i love you!

2. Kish *to ichigo*: let's break up'casue u smell bad

2 & a 1/2. Ichigo: WOOF!

3. Pudding: i don't like bananas their horrid! *sticks out tounge*

4. lettuce: i like whale sushi! muahahahaha!

5. Keiichiro: i'm tired off being a gentlemen! do you know how hard it is to stay nice THIS long?
10/15/2005 c2 1AuthoressRhia
Woo! Randomness! I like it!
10/15/2005 c2 spider fairy
good! do one at MY HOUSE!
10/14/2005 c1 2Dark Mew Angel
Two things: First of all, your fanfic is in script format, which means it shall soon be deleted, unless you revise it.

Second of all: You stole the quote from Dee Blue in the first chapter off of Neko-Tokyo's Things TMM Will Never Say. I should know, consider I made it up and submitted it. I'd like some credit for my quote. You should feel very lucky that I'm not in a report-happy mood right now...
10/14/2005 c2 4Mew Lizzy
10/11/2005 c1 CynicalRainbow
mwa ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha aha ha ah aha aha.sorry well nice story.i think i saw this before in neko tokyo.i dunno well bye.
10/9/2005 c1 6Mew Robena
OMG! SIS! HIYA! *Waves frantically* How u been! OMG! I 4got! We're sisters! I c u almost every day! I know how u r! Anyway, I LUV the idea! But y u no tell me bout it first? *starts sniffling* NOW I FEEL BAD! WAH! *screams, cries, pounds fists on the floor* U SO MEAN 2 ME! Wah!I think that u should do some like...uh...

oh, oh I know now! Here sis!

Ryou in a meeting with the CMM staff: Now, I waz thinking, for the uniforms, that the girls show just a little to much skin so we're gonna cover up these areas here (circles whole upper portion of his Janet Jackson life-size cut out) & here (cirles bottom portion down to ankles) Agreed? (everyone but Keiichiro, who's sitting with his head in his hand, adoring Ryou, looks at him like he's nuts) As for Keiichiro's uniform, I think we need to un-cover these areas here (cicrcles top portion of his Michael Jackson life-size cut out) & here (circles bottom portion to the ankles) So it shows a little more skin! Right, Keiichiro?

Keiichiro: Rarl! Gr! (makes a claw)

Ryou: Good! & Keiichiro, can I see you in my office for a moment, or for 30 minutes? (ushers him into his office, closes the door, & moments later VERY disturbing sounds not appropriate for children can be heard)

The girls: FREAKS!(they start frenching each other)

U likey? Tell me wen I c u tomorrow, Columbus Day! No skewl! WOHO! LUV YA SISTA! ~~Holly~~
10/5/2005 c1 sam
I thnk you've has one too many donuts. UR CRZY! ABSOLUTLY CRZY! good luck though.
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