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for So High

7/8/2017 c1 Guest
Kayla Shockley need ATEM MISS
1/14/2009 c1 VirgoP10
Great story! I loved the song! Please read my profile to give me an idea on what to write for a story! Thanks!
6/11/2006 c1 7kingleby
lol, cute ^_^
12/4/2005 c1 14GothicKitsune666
i really like this story. oh and by the way just to let you know you dont have all the lyrics to this song but hey it is a really nice song. but ya i just thought u should know in case you didnt mean to not get all the lyrics
9/21/2005 c1 The Uncreative One
Wow, that was adorable ^_^ Loved it!
9/19/2005 c1 7BakuraXMalik's Boys
Angel: OH! That is so cute! This is the first time I have read a YamiYugi story! Its so cute!

Ryan: He's right. Now we have to go.

See ya later!
9/19/2005 c1 1yamirachan
WOW! fluffy and cute and so... GOOD!

make more pls!
9/13/2005 c1 dragonlady222
I really liked this. It's cute and fluffy. No world saving and no dangers coming at them. Great story.
9/12/2005 c1 harleydbabe222
AWW...its so cute. I love it. Very nice. You should do more...
9/12/2005 c1 4Nepha
Good and fluff! Please post more. Ja ne

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