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7/4/2006 c1 9Mew-Sahara
I thought they lived above the cafe but it doen't matter it's your story. 16 hour flights suck like a straw.
6/21/2006 c41 4Mew of Fire
that was so beautiful! bravo!
6/17/2006 c41 9Tylec Asroc
The long road's end has finally come. The half-complete recap of the showdown with Ronin was a nice touch. Considering the gaps between updates we're in need of some summaries.

"Held Loosely" has evolved quite a bit over its run. Your first chapters were shorter, focusing on Komori's culture shock in a new school and a new country, and distinguished by your vocabulary-building expressions. After some good character set-up you got into the mew swing of things, focusing more on battles, secret identities and mysterious crushes. The transitions were smooth to start with.

There are certain points where I could sense you rethinking characters and drastically altering your writing style, sometimes, I think, adding to or altering the plot according to sudden inspirations. Ronin, for example, begins as pure voice, never detailing physical appearance. Once we see him, he's you're typical entity of pure evil, going so far as to kill his own henchmen, but once his old girlfriend is introduced his viciousness takes a nosedive and he's portrayed as a clingy boyfriend dependent on his underlings. Likewise, Kish and the alien trio jump from comrades in battle to clueless comics. The changes aren’t necessarily bad - you had some memorable scenes pitting the aliens against human technology - but the story loses some of its cohesiveness when characters suddenly take such drastic moves away from their established personalities.

“Held Loosely” covers a lot of ground and concepts - it’s a romance; a fish out of water tale; a super-lady story with elements of Spiderman, Kamikazee Kaitou Jeanne (hunting and vilifying the superhero), and stylistic nods to the original Tokyo Mew Mew (alien boyfriend, working the café, a kendo-type sport). It’s also got a strong streak of random comedy. It’s not the most uniform story, but it was a fun read nonetheless. Good luck to you on your future projects, AutumnxMidnight!
6/17/2006 c41 2Flutterby Princess
that was an absolutly amazing end! im so glad that komori finally got to meet her dad. that was pretty cool that komori's dad was fighting ronin too and that he knew kyoshi. the last part was really cute about her finally being home. im sad that the story's over...it was awsome!
6/17/2006 c41 1Insert Generic Fan Name Here
Well, the part of Kiyoshi and Kin was kinda soap opera ish, but other than that, it was a very good ending! I liked how Ryou was freaking out XD
5/25/2006 c40 anon
Are you ever gonna get the next chappie up?
5/10/2006 c40 Insert Generic Fan Name Here
Heh. A little excited to be home, huh Ryou? I liked the last chapter with Pai and Tart but didn't get back to comment on it.

Something tells me the story's not quite over. So update soon!
5/6/2006 c3 2Mew Snoflak
This chapter was so funny loved it
4/19/2006 c8 4PureKatPrincess
AH! It is the bat thing. . .. *laughs to self*

I have to say, this is one of the most original TMM Stories I have read so far.. . .no really, no one was a fruit bat yet, I wonder if there is any orcas/killer whales. I would love to see that . . . anyway.

Very good job on it! I can't wait to read more of it!
4/18/2006 c40 4Mew of Fire
this was such a beautiful ending! BRAVO!
4/17/2006 c40 2Flutterby Princess
yay! i'm so glad Kiyoshi didn't die. that would have been so sad. i'm glad Ronin is dead though. poor Yuri.
4/17/2006 c39 27BlueMeteorGirl
Ronin's in trouble...-sigh- what a idiot
4/16/2006 c39 2Flutterby Princess
i can't wait to see what happens next! please update soon!
4/16/2006 c39 Azzie
Jesus, why can't all TMM fics be like this?
4/3/2006 c38 Flutterby Princess
this was an awsome chapter. i hope you can update soon!
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