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8/9/2007 c4 0momijibunny0
I love you and I really really want more! *Pauses* Oh dear that sounded wrong! More RayxMax please! ^^
6/29/2006 c4 5The Mad Empty Shell
XD Sora's so cute!
4/17/2006 c4 5curlyalien
ha! so you did update after all. so far i like this chap the most, i think it's the longest too. besides watch out for Rin (i can see him offering you gin with tonic instead of innocent sprite;)
4/12/2006 c4 DevilMadeYouCry
that is true Sora, Max and Tyson are all cute like Daisuke,they'er also innocent and they have something else in common...they'er all ukes XD
2/21/2006 c4 15SlippingSanity
Great Chapter! It 's so funny!
1/9/2006 c3 SlippingSanity
YAY! So cute and cool! Can't wait for more!
12/27/2005 c3 5curlyalien
do you know that the talking was longer than the chapter? it's quite sad since it's a cute fic, you should def write more. sorry i can't save you from Rin! maybe next time..when i won't have a hangover
12/11/2005 c3 max-4-ever
*snickers* I liked this chapter even though it was short.

Max: -.-'

kai: hn.

me: *sweatdrop* well i guess they're not talking so i hope you update really soon! oh right *gives a bag of candy to mimiko* That for updating. keep at it girl! bye bye
12/10/2005 c3 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: *hits Rin over the head with a frying pan* -.-* Rin, you got a lot of work to do if you ever paln to get a girlfriend. First thing to learn, don't pull down a girl's pants!

Mimi: *looks worriedly at Rin* I hope Aki-chan didn't hit him too hard.

May: Pfft, guys like that don't know the meaning of the word pain.

Akira: So true.

Mimi: O.o Are you guys sure?

Akira: Considering certain things I would have to say yes, not useless Rin isn't one of the really scary kind of guys. Then him might feel some slight pain.

Mimi: Scary guys? O.O

May: *smirk* Yeah, they hump you, and touch you when you don't want them to, and they never take no for an answer. You can push them away but they'll just come back. Soon they start asking you where you live and won't quit asking until you tell them, and then they break into your house just to see you.

Mimi: *clings to Akira* Aki-chan! Make May-chan stop!

Akira: -.- Do you really think I have any power over May?

Mimi: ...

Akira: Poor Mimiko! *hugs Mimiko* You've had to work all by yourself this whole time on this fic. T.T You better start maiking Kaikao and Reion work on the next chapter. Now that they've got a new computer they have no excuse not to work. Also, I'm guessing Tyson is the person behind Kai, and if that's the case he seems to be a little shy. *Envisions shy Tyson* Kawaii! *tackles mental image of shy Tyson*
12/9/2005 c3 15KiraraCutie

KiraraCutie: I love this story sorry i didn't review the last chap. my computer was crashed.

I love how Max and Sora ran over Dark

Sanura: you love anything that's funny

KC: your point?

Sanura: nothing just continue with the review

KC: thank you well update soon plez
11/24/2005 c2 5curlyalien
mm cute and good humour though all 3 situations are a bit too alike, but i like it anyways. and lol Kai's a true pervert XD

update soon
10/22/2005 c2 18xxkirahoshi
that was cute! Please do hurry and update soon! ^^

ja ne

10/20/2005 c2 104Symphonickey
Be nice if you want to get laid! Lol. Kai should definitly remember that! Nice chapter! O_o though maybe Ty'd eat diffrently under amniesa... or maybe they'd recognize each other but not everyone else... wierd...

Kai: oh that's samrt.

Tke: shut up. Horndog.

Kai: why you-! *growls*

Tyson: *pulls Kai back* please update!
10/20/2005 c2 3Kiki and Coco
Hurray for the update! ^^

Max: Who's Max? You're imaginary friend?

Anywho, update soon!
10/20/2005 c2 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: I hope Daisuke will be able to walk tomorrow.

Mimi: Why wouldn't he?

Akira:... I'll tell you when you're thirty years old mentally.

Mimi: *pouts*

Akira: *hugs Tyson* Oh Tyson, you poor soul. You had to deal with the tampons of doom and you're a guy! It's hard enough for women, but for men that's just plain cruel.

*smacks Riku and Rei on the head* Perverts! I see any more thoughts of you doing dirty things with your ukes when they're vernuable in your mind, and it will be worse than a little smack.

May: Well aren't you just the little bitch with PMS?

Akira: At least I don't have PMS everyday, May.

May: *glarinbg* and what is that supposed to mean?

Akira: What do you think it means?

Mimi: *laughing nervously* Um guys, please don't fight.

Akira & May: SHUT UP!

Mimi: Meep! *cowers in dark coner*
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