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9/28/2005 c4 1erin210
Thanks for clarifying the time period. You should know, however, that Felicity's parents were already divorced at that time. They split up in season 2. Regardless, I look forward to reading more.
9/27/2005 c3 erin210
Pretty good, but I'm still confused about the time period. Can you give us a general idea of when this is occurring? Season 2?
9/20/2005 c2 erin210
This is off to an interesting start. Keep it up. But can you please give us a hint as to when this is taking place? Is it season 2?
9/18/2005 c1 erin210
Interesting. I do have some suggestions for you. First, you need to clarify what time period this story is taking place in, and second, you should use spell check. Oh, and all the writing is one side of the page. That is kind of odd. I do hope you'll write more, though, because I love any and all FAB fan fictions.
9/16/2005 c1 jenny
sounds like this will be a cool FAB story

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