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12/15/2006 c5 56Sour Schuyler
^-^ I thought this was funny! He he... poor Sherry. Um... some things it could have used: It could have used more details in describing places, such as the hotel where they stayed or what kind of car they were in. The first chapter was double-spaced, so that was annoying. Um... yeah. I liked this. :)
12/15/2006 c4 Sour Schuyler
^^ Another funny chapter! I liked it.
12/1/2005 c5 7Shining Charizard
Isa- I mean, Yami-Sama! It is I, SC, of the British Blokes! That story was great! You should definitely do another one; maybe not a sequal, but something funny. I enjoyed everybody yelling at everybody else, and the craziness of their trip reminded me of all the weird stuff we did on ours. (Remember the bridge thing?) So yeah, this was awesome! Go Yami-Sama, Lord of Sunglasses!
11/8/2005 c5 18Computerfreak101
That's it? Short and abrupt, but oh well. Bye.
11/8/2005 c5 4Faerie Rose
hehe you're welcome. ^^ and nice ending.
11/8/2005 c5 6Bwack Dwanzo
=^o^= aww! Thankiez! =^^= that wuz a pretty good endin, but heer'z sum tipz:

1) Don't try to rush to the end

2) be a little more descrictive

that'z about it i think... XDXDXD i cant wait till u post that yaoi lemon! I wanna c if i cant ATLEAST make it through chappie 1 ! XDXDXDXD

~Kai =3 good job!
10/25/2005 c4 4CountryKrys
nice chapter...i applaud you!
10/23/2005 c4 4Faerie Rose
poor poor secratary. ^_^
10/23/2005 c4 6Bwack Dwanzo
XDXDXDXDXD awsome! good chappie! XDXD hope u get yer projects dun wit a good grade! Kai!

10/3/2005 c3 56Sour Schuyler
I thought this chapter was great. I thought it was better-written than the first chapter, at least, and mucho interesting.
10/3/2005 c2 Sour Schuyler
Lol. Weird, but cool. ^^ Bye-bye Kazuki... lol.
10/3/2005 c1 Sour Schuyler
You'd of thought that they wouldn't have let Bakura drive. I thought Marik was going to offer Yami shampoo? How is that arguing? Eh, whatever. Okay start.
10/3/2005 c3 4CountryKrys
nice they're NOT REAL! that's good. i like it. update soon.
10/3/2005 c3 18Computerfreak101
O.O Not funny? I certainly laughed at the driving scene. GO BAKURA!
10/3/2005 c1 3Dead Reckoning
LOL! I LUV IT! it is soo funny. i was supposed to be doing homework but am reading fanfics.

you should feel luved, but this is a good story. I like it alot.

and HEY! i luv yami's hair!

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