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for My Twin Girls?

3/4/2007 c5 1littlepinkbuttons
Very, good. KUTGW.
3/4/2007 c3 littlepinkbuttons
God, that turkey in a boot...heard all about it on that one episode...

very good so far.
3/4/2007 c1 littlepinkbuttons
very good start. I knew from the show that Jesse was a bit, umm, obsessed with the gender thing in that one ep. Can't wait for the rest!
11/9/2005 c9 Amanda
Great job! Maybe you could make a sequel? You could do something like Jesse and Becky raising the girl through their first year or two. Anyway, great job!
11/9/2005 c9 Amanda
Cool! I like how you kept it pretty close to the actual episode. Great chapter. Maybe you could do a couple chapters of when they are infants and then go from there.
11/9/2005 c9 233Me
Gret job w/the birth and varying it so it's not exactly the episode. Never thought of the girls being there the whole time but if it's a short labor it makes sense. As long as the hospital cafe had chocolate cake or ice cream Michelle wouldn't mind :-)

Where are you going next witht his story? Do we get to see moer stuff in between episodes? It would be interesting to see where Nick & Irene are? Maybe you can explain tht. (The birth was a month early so they could be on vacaation, plus Nick could have heart problems b/c of all that anger inside over the years.)
11/8/2005 c8 156434
I just started reading your story and I really like it so continue!
11/8/2005 c8 Simba11
11/8/2005 c8 Amanda
Great chapter. You don't have to go into a lot of detail about the birth. You could just have the doctor telling Becky to push when the babies are ready to be born. That way you don't have to change the rating. Anyway, great job, I can't wait to reaad more.

Also, if a story has suicide it could be rated T. I guess it depends on how much detail you decide to go into. Great job!
11/8/2005 c8 Me
As for this fic, nice job, what changed to have Michelle being okay about it later? Joey or the girls had to have helped; if it's that same day, later int he evening, then she'd have to hve been proomised a party or had something else fun. Kids can be distracted easier than one thinks, so just going someplace special would be enough (THough now that I read, I'm realizing that they didn't need to cancel it, just have Joey run the thing, I think they only did that for dramatic effect.)

For your 2nd question, M if it's really descriptive, maybe T if you just say it happened but personally I'd always have it be M b/c I tend to be pretty conservative w/rtings.

BTW, congratulations on your new cousin.
10/27/2005 c7 xxlevel11
hey kacheek gal, 1 comment this story doesnt get 2 an exciting point 4 me cause ive seen dis eps. a lotta times n dis chapter is quite short!
10/24/2005 c7 Me
Great job; you do the characters very well. The thing with Michelle's birthdays being so much bigger was perfect, and probably quite true, too. Even the teaser the men say "what a party" like it was a wild one for her 4th. (Princess, Little mermaid, or Sesame Street, I wonder. Something tells me Michelle's already bossy enough at that point D.J. & Steph convinced her to have a Sesame Street one, otherwise she'd have learned her lesson about being too bossy then, not a couple years later at Disneyworld.)
10/23/2005 c7 Amanda
Great job! Please update soon. I can't wait for the twins to be born!
10/16/2005 c6 momo
10/8/2005 c6 2Shelmel
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