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8/3/2021 c3 Trk richerson
Longer book and more forces sex
3/7/2021 c3 Guest
I don’t know if you’re still into vaderdala but you shoudl definitely update this story!
12/15/2017 c3 Revanchist21
This story is very interesting,suspenseful and innovative! I really hope you will have more chapters in the near future soon since this story is getting good! Keep up the good work man! I really hope you will have more chapters in the future soon!
4/11/2017 c3 Jadaerys
its been years since your last update but i could at least try and ask for you to continue and finish your fic, so please, please, please be a fairy godmother and grant me (us) my hearts desire ;) i'm whining and all bec it's so unfair that you start an interestingly captivating fic and not finish it :(

i hope real life's not being a sith and may the force be with you :))
3/21/2017 c3 Guest
Please continue.
I don't have time for a long review, but I loved reading and hope to finish reading the story.
3/4/2017 c3 Guest
love it keep going
9/9/2016 c3 sarah
awesome story!
7/23/2016 c3 Stacell72
This was a damn good story, but I sure wish you had at least finished this story, or at the very least written a warning that this story was incomplete, so some of us could decide if we wanted to even bother with it; sorry if this is rude
7/2/2016 c3 Oykk
I wish you continued this story I would want to read it
6/2/2016 c3 Guest
5/31/2016 c3 Chiafun
Owww i know this story had been abandoned for 10yrs but can you please continue it? I love this so much
4/24/2016 c3 Guest
Streemy af!

I wished you would continue.
3/22/2016 c3 Ahsoka Tano
This is hot. Please continue.
3/10/2016 c3 Cool one
Love it do not have them two marry
2/4/2016 c3 isolorza90
Absolutely love it. It's been 10 years but I love it. I will imagine an ending
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