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12/8/2008 c14 tain89
Amazingly awsome story.LOVE IT!Mew Two is the best.This Shadow character is interesting.I hope you continue this story,it would be a shame to just let this story end there.
8/16/2006 c1 21Yuko6754
short but i liked it!*adds to fave*
11/2/2005 c8 6ally ally oxenfree
...^_^ I likey it! You'd better update quickly!
10/18/2005 c8 3x636
Very good I want to see more of this please don't stop anyway PLEASE UPDATE SOON! ;3
10/18/2005 c8 1KirbyDreamer
Interesting chapter... Never thought of Koga or Mewtwo this way!
10/10/2005 c7 Phantom Wolf Of The Shadows
excellent chapter i think this story is awsome
10/7/2005 c5 KirbyDreamer
10/6/2005 c5 Phantom Wolf Of The Shadows
excellent plot i enjoy it alot
10/4/2005 c4 KirbyDreamer
Almost indefeated, eh? So he's been defeated before. But by who? Just wonderin'...
9/23/2005 c3 5Miyuutsuu
This fic has got me hooked. Who knew Mewtwo had gotten the chance to score with a girl.Update soon.
9/21/2005 c3 3x636
Very interesting I like it keep going and PLEASE UPDATE SOON! ;)
9/20/2005 c2 43Jackie Almasy
You got an interesting story plot going here. After the first chapter I was extremley intriqued in what you had going here. I've always loved stories of Mewtwo and this one definitley feeds that want for more stories. Great job!
9/19/2005 c2 1KirbyDreamer
A brother? 'Ya know Mewtwo is genderless, so... shouldn't anyone related to it be genderless too? Of course, you do it however it makes you feel. Good work!
9/19/2005 c2 3x636
0_0 Man you are one twisted fan fiction writer but this is pretty good in a twisted way well anyway PLEASE UPDATE SOON! ;)

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