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for Harry Potter and the Black Rose

10/18 c21 1ShadowThief126
Wonderful story
9/1 c1 Guest
8/23 c20 Guest
Wowoow horrible ending bro, fucking think on more of the future stories you write lmao
8/23 c20 Guest
What the fuck voldemort is not physically strong i was hella disappointed at that part man
4/6 c1 Guest
I like how you added indian names I am an Indian myself and hate how no one knows about us.
12/20/2020 c21 Guest
And no mention of how the potters took it. This was a waste of time to read. You left out everything I actually wanted from this story.
4/17/2020 c1 Guest
9/12/2019 c21 Milu
Thank you for the wonderful story. I'm happy for Angel.
5/29/2019 c21 Guest
I loved the story so much I read it over 7 times. It is simply a captivating story that draws everyone in. I hope you become a writer in the future.
1/19/2019 c1 Kitobeater123
Lucifer would be a good name
1/14/2019 c21 Mayele
O.M.G this story is heavenly soooo goooood , keep writing never give up this gift
10/7/2018 c20 Oceanangel46
I love the story it was different and refreshing
5/23/2018 c6 TechnoGalen
F**k off you idiot.
5/23/2018 c3 TechnoGalen
God you can't make a chapter worth s**t.
1/22/2018 c21 3Regius Black
Loved it!
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