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for The Phoenix lost at sea

10/20/2015 c7 1solitaireseraphim.silvertaciturn
Awww~ Can you continue this sweet story please? I beg you~
6/21/2012 c7 8WolfirePrincess
Love love love it so far please pretty please update this story! TyKa, MaRa! love these pairings!
6/21/2012 c4 WolfirePrincess
It's the Dragon's heart of the sea. i love the story so far it's great!
4/10/2008 c7 9KitaraStrife
Yep! I TOTALLY saw the "Titanic" in this fic when it got to the end of chapter 1! XD Loving it so far! ;)
4/11/2007 c1 1NeverReallyBack
omg! it's titanic! i loved that movie, and this sounds really kool!
4/14/2006 c7 4Catwarrior
sounds like the titanic. just weirdly yaoi
12/21/2005 c5 4December Prodigy
hey its me again i found another 1 of your storys havnt finished reading it yet but its great from what iv read & thanks again for helping me!
10/8/2005 c7 7Liah-chan
hey this story is so cool! lol Mao, sum1 shud kill her... i odnt like her in this fic lol shes evil and so is Hil, kill her too lol!

update soon!

Liah xx
10/7/2005 c7 2Crazy fanfic girl loves-anime
Hey this is a great it's kinda like titanic but beyblade style i really like it update soon k? Thanks
10/7/2005 c7 3FirieGurl
aw well that was so cute and funny with Max and mao fighting lol and the last words with Bryan carry him on his back lol update it soon
10/7/2005 c7 14Kiotana
awe! brian is gonna have a fit^^ lol

wheres the intemisy(sp) me want fluff^^
10/6/2005 c7 104Symphonickey
lol, when explaining what Tala and Brian were, it might have been better if you put BODYGUARDS in the first sentence. ^_^ Otherwise it was good!

Kai: stupid bitch was wearing Ty's necklace!

Tke: ^^;; yes, that was a dilema, wasn't it?

Kai: i'm going to rip her to SHREADS!

Tke: so mean Nat-chan! I wanna read that draft of the Halloween sepcial in your notebook! Give it to me in History tomorrow, PUHLEASE!

Kai: yeah, like she'll do THAT!

Tke: Shut up! She might! NESSA'S GOING WITH US!
10/4/2005 c6 14Kiotana
well what i mean by short is that its missing details.

anyways i love it^^ lol
10/3/2005 c6 104Symphonickey
hmph, i'm surprised no one got it yet! ^^;; I'm the only one who knows the answer concidering it's my challenge! Lol, oh well. Can't wait for chapter 8 ^_~ have fun typing!

Kei: why say that? She can't write.

Tke: *suddenly punches him but hit the wall next to his ear* don't say that about Nat-chan!

Kei: V_V i'm stating you write like 5-10 pages a chapter and she writes from 2-5 pages... so much for support!

Tke: just wait till chapter 8 Kei... damn, i hate giving you a mind of your own!

Kei: XP that's your problem not mine!

Tke: ... TYKA!

Tyka: *a girl with long half slate and half midnight blue hair walks in, crimson eyes glowing* hai?

Tke: this is Tyka, my new muse! I got her as a gift!

Kei: shit...

Tke: Tyka, despose of your father.

Tyka: ^_^ alright!

Kei: O_O...

Tke: *watches Kei being taken away by his daughter* well, anyways, this is pretty long, update Nat-chan!
10/2/2005 c5 14Kiotana
i love titanic! update! and that was too easy there for tyson to convince him. but i dont care right now! update soon!
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