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1/25/2012 c14 StacyAnn159
Wait! The narrator Liz is a skin!
9/9/2007 c5 exitlight
I love Maria, "He should at least spy on me!"
8/3/2005 c14 602Ghostwriter
This is good, but your summary said this had abuse in it and there was nothing. Unless you mean emotional abuse. Either way, it was all great. Catch ya on the flip side.
1/25/2005 c14 sleepy26
very interesting story you should totally have a sequel
9/25/2004 c14 Alice
i'm sorry b ut i dont understand. how could liz be in that cave if the story in 2006 was in her pov and it was too much like liz for that to be a skin? either i'm not getting something or yo might have made a mistake. pleas email me and explain.

5/20/2004 c14 LizEvans
wow...wonderful, wonderful story, you got me in tears! it was so...soo..incredabul, although im a liz and amx fan i loved your fic!
7/20/2001 c14 4Liz6
*sniff* Wonderful! So sad, so sweet.

~ Liz
6/11/2001 c14 sniff
sniff sniff...that wwwwaas good...and sad...SNIFF! great writing =) sad story...sniff
5/31/2001 c14 ang
that is a great story. it made me cry!
5/19/2001 c13 Jessica
That was incredibly...moving. Emotional. I don't know - in the beginning I was like, here we go again, so Max died from the skins and Liz is mourning - blah blah blah, yada yada yada...then I got into it in the middle and it was just like whoa! Just incredible!
5/15/2001 c13 I'm An Alien 2 lazy 2 sign in
Love this story I have a feeling this is gonna end pretty soon
5/15/2001 c13 KBeth91
OMG! That is so sad. I'm glad to finally to have found out how he died. Please get the next part out soon.
5/15/2001 c13 1Fire's-insperation
Oh my god! That is great! You have to post more soon!
5/15/2001 c13 nero
Oh my god, this is brilliant. I want to cry now.
5/13/2001 c12 Ashlee
im sorry, i cant tell if Max is dead or alive. what is he?
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