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for Harry Potter and his Witches

8/8 c5 1themadmartian
I don't usually critique stories, but several spelling errors make it hard to enjoy reading this one.

Wand instead of Ward and Clatter instead of Clutter.
Get a Beta to proof read before posting.
7/9/2022 c16 EternalAnglo94
You realise that your making the Order look like absolute cunts right?

They seem to be keeps secrets from Harry spying on him and not being useful in any way
7/9/2022 c15 EternalAnglo94
His friends? what is this? Friendship is magic? lol
7/9/2022 c13 EternalAnglo94
I always hated Dumbledork and hated that everyone followed him like sheeple
7/9/2022 c12 EternalAnglo94
But I thought that the Imperio spell didn't work on Harry?
5/25/2020 c17 Sharkboybeast
this was a shit story filled with nonsense
3/23/2018 c13 Sadhaka
Tortured, raped, beaten, humiliated, and they still don't rain him to defend himself. That's just a bad story, doesn't help that you fall into mixing tech ideas with magic.
6/23/2017 c17 1automaton14
"I'll finish this story no matter what," the author declared, just before abandoning the story.
6/23/2017 c6 automaton14
You've got more typos than a writer has any right to.
6/23/2017 c5 automaton14
You missed out on "randy Remus ran a random race".
1/9/2017 c17 Corwyn
Enjoying the story, thanks for sharing it with us.
12/21/2016 c17 Last Harper
Ok I'm asuming that fanfictiion is just fucked up but they killed your story .
12/9/2016 c12 Anonymous
Harry can withstand the imperio curse from Barty Crouch Jr. and Voldemort, but he falls to Malfoy?
8/30/2016 c17 1anjiepotter
I look forward an update from you
7/30/2015 c6 ggggg
This is really good
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