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for Oh My Mara?

12/4/2014 c1 gandalf
I'd like to say a word regarding Love And Justice Warrior Princess. It got a few things about Sailor Moon wrong, like Jupiter punching Uranus, among other things.
5/12/2008 c3 2Xanthia Sorel
good story but could your author notes are not that easy to see, I thought the note in chapter2 was part of the story so please separate your notes from the story(or at least make it so it's more obivous. Other than that its good

please reply
4/14/2007 c3 8Zaya Ayame
I really do love this story! Please update! ^^ Mara/OC stories rock! ^^;

5/29/2006 c1 2LIEKWUT
Sorry, but...

It's pretty badin my opinion.

It's TERRIBLY hard to read (Trust me, I've made hard-to-read fics up the wazoo so I know one...)...

Gomen Nasai, but you also need to work on your Author's Notes. Tieing them in to the Story is confusing, I barely know which is the story and which is your writing!
12/29/2005 c3 6Yuki Asao
this is so sweet, please update soon!
11/5/2005 c3 4AdrianAndroid
I love it, please update soon!
10/21/2005 c3 19Sci-Fi Raptor
The tone of this fic is really unique. Though the plot so far has been lame, there is something really compelling about your story, and I look forward to your next update.
10/21/2005 c1 2JDHORROR
Great story , i must say.

and a good theme too, hopefully allowing you to see Mara's more sensitive side

Can't wait for an update ;)
10/7/2005 c3 12mikebreslau
An interesting beginning, a nice variant on a familiar theme. I like the gentleness of your approach - any AMG fic shold be gnetle, loving, and beautiful or it's not faithful to the original.

I'd like to see where this goes, and I suspect you would too.

10/2/2005 c3 2cloudtifa82
You might try arranging the text. The text are too close.

About the storyline, well, I can't give much comments because it was short, but I do hope it's the beginning of "something".
10/2/2005 c3 Rip Steel
I have to agree with Regrem, but im kinda hooked.

please, keep up the goods!
9/28/2005 c2 cloudtifa82
You made a very nice story!

I hope you really-really keep it up!

I really like mortal and demon stories. :D

I just hope it doesn't end in a sad or dark ending through through.

And yes... I have read Oh! My God and all the other fanfics you mentioned.

Oh! My God was nice fanfic too.

You should find the fanfic called Oh! My brother!
9/24/2005 c2 Satan Junior No Super Hentai
If you were to edit this a bit, how will you like to join my C2? By the way, nice chappie and story. Update!
9/22/2005 c1 Regrem Erutaerc
Very nicely done, but you could do some better descriptions. The descriptions are good, but they're short enough to make the story seem to be going faster than it really is. Still good though. I really like it. I'll be awaiting your next chapter.

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