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for The Wanderer's Apprentice

7/30/2010 c2 2Bane WolfBlood
Really good please update soon!
11/25/2009 c2 2kin-kinna
Interesting. When are you going to update? It's been 4 years.
4/28/2009 c2 1363797
I really like this story, I hope to see more of this in the future, even though it is similar to the Power Within, I still like it.

12/8/2008 c2 Stunna21
good story but where you at its been ages so update soon and keep writing.
9/5/2007 c2 Crimson Sire
I liked the first two chapters I would like to read more.
5/31/2007 c2 BSMith
It is progressing really well but as of yet you really have only developed the intoduction to the story and not told about the training and such that Harry will recieve. keep writing.
5/31/2007 c1 BSMith
Good story so far keep it up.
4/29/2007 c2 karl
i'm really enjoying the story. Now i hope this dosen't seem to girly but try putting a romance with Hermione in the story. however it is your story so i'll let you decide . by the way when are you gonna update
8/16/2006 c2 3Nightmare723764
6/28/2006 c2 2Parcel
Please write more I love this
6/1/2006 c2 7Katsy17
aw kool as
5/21/2006 c2 PapaMidNite
Great story. I just have one question. Is time going to pass slower for Harry or at the same rate? Keep up the good work.
5/1/2006 c2 1Karxon Strife
This is going to be good :) :D
4/30/2006 c2 Samix
Yay! Lol, gd chapter, mes likes it! =D Please keep updating, i think its fabulous. could like skip ahead a bit, and it could be a day when he is allowed a friend over...n they are all like (OMFG!) at him coz he lookies different! =D


4/27/2006 c2 2Blue Werewolf Boy
awsome story. update soon
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