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1/2/2008 c12 1khaosKitsune
aw when sakura said "no amount of studying will hep you naruto'\" i wanted him to say "ya? and no amount of traing will help you either". lol that woould have been great!
12/26/2007 c8 Mei-kun
plz write more, i liked this story and i want to read more. Please update soon
12/17/2007 c12 5THORN29535
wish you would have finished it
12/16/2007 c12 3Soreibu
plz write more for this story it is very interesting and it made it to my top ten want to read list or i should say top five so plz write when u get the cance to continue the story
11/20/2007 c8 incarnate of evil
Just so you know Naruto's clothes are not changed back to the orange jump suit after the erasing of memory, but after, you mention he is wearing it. YOu might want to do something about that! :D
11/13/2007 c12 2Zarz
Cool story! I love it! Naruto is a bit all-powerful, but the story is interesting enough I don't mind. It is a little weird, though, how he joined with Kyuubi and was sent back in time. But, it's worked out well. The Shadow Village was really cool, and I can't wait to see what their genin do during the exam. Having Niko turn out to be the Kage was also really fun! Please update soon, I really can't wait to find out what Kit'll do next, especially with his power. It was a little weird that Kyuubi had the elements of water and earth, as I would have expected her to have fire, but I like the way it turned out with Naruto having fire because he's in Fire Country. I would expect air to be the opposite of earth, though, not wood. Keep up the great work and please update soon!
11/8/2007 c12 Forever Rahhel
This is a great story even though there are some mistakes like Kyuubi still being alieve after the merging.

Sometimes it's a bit random but it's ok.

Keep it up.
11/6/2007 c12 MrHilter
great chapter, i love that naurto had decided to become more involved.
11/5/2007 c12 3RoxxorzBoxxerz
Nari's a marysue on here but i love it! =3 but if it was sas-gay i'd stopped reading it =P cant wait till next chap!
11/1/2007 c12 5Kammari
great story please update soon you should give naruto a harem.
10/28/2007 c12 2Elemeffayoh
awesomeness bro yeah
10/28/2007 c11 Elemeffayoh
i hope sasuke gets his ass creamed over and over
10/28/2007 c10 Elemeffayoh
awesomeness dude
10/28/2007 c9 Elemeffayoh
sweet that alchemy naruto used is like haku's senbon attack
10/28/2007 c8 Elemeffayoh
is he going to tell them and zabuza and haku will live this time right?
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