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10/28/2007 c7 2Elemeffayoh
give them shit man
10/28/2007 c6 Elemeffayoh
must know pairing
10/24/2007 c5 Elemeffayoh
10/24/2007 c4 Elemeffayoh
wow he remembers all
10/24/2007 c3 Elemeffayoh
no shit this is naruto were talking about
10/24/2007 c2 Elemeffayoh
lord of death whoa
10/24/2007 c1 Elemeffayoh
does he have to leave konoha?
10/14/2007 c12 Sinfully Dreaming
Please update so i really like where this stories going!
9/30/2007 c12 I be myself
finish it

you said you would

(in case you cant tell i am wining )
9/27/2007 c12 6Feel Free To Improvise
Update soon please? Mua ha ha ha, Anko is hella awesome.
9/2/2007 c12 18Shadewolf7
You have got to continue this-impressive peice of work.
9/2/2007 c12 1Crystal Curse
Love the story! please update!
9/1/2007 c12 WinterClover
What happened?

You die or smething?

It's been more then a year.

Please, just tell me that you are atleast alive!
9/1/2007 c12 23Chrisdz
hey this is a nice story its just a shame that your u stopped updating it i mean it's been nearly a year. anyway hope u revive the story
8/17/2007 c12 Akezakura no Naruto
Great story when are u going to update
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