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8/17/2007 c12 XavierFox
This story is fantastic! One of the few that i would pay to be put in to a book and then buy it when it came out. Very few spelling mishaps and the gramer is great. I thought that after Kyuubi and Naruto were fully merged that Kyuubi would disapear, so how could Kyuubi be talking to Naruto? It could be possible that i missed something.

Update Soon,Plz!
8/9/2007 c12 3EverD
This is a wonderfull Fanfiction and I'm REALLY hoked. I exspecially liked the part where you made Naruto go back in time as I was not expecting that. Please up-date soon!
8/7/2007 c12 FenrirCrinos
excelente historia, un AU de primera te felicito, espero la continuacion y suerte con la escuela :D

nos vemos!
8/1/2007 c12 8ApocSM
8/1/2007 c12 102SongoftheDarquePhoenix
Good story- wish you would update :(
8/1/2007 c12 6MastaofBitches
Great story so far looking forward to the next chapter. I really hope this is gonna be a story with out pairings as that would ruin the story itself.
7/31/2007 c12 Jfitzgerald
I wish that you would update again soon. Thanks.
7/22/2007 c12 Bethrezen
Good story.
7/21/2007 c12 GangstaJ
this is a great story comon an finish it i bet if there was a contest this would win easily
7/19/2007 c12 DarkRavie
Just finished reading your fic and so far I love it. I do hope you haven't stopped writing it. I can't wait to read more and see how Naruto deals with Orochimaru.
7/14/2007 c12 1shortandsweet93
"I’m not just going to end the story or quit. I hate it when people do that, so I’m not going to do it to you.I’m not just going to end the story or quit. I hate it when people do that, so I’m not going to do it to you."

now thats funny cuz you havent uodated in 9 months heh well good story anyways!
7/13/2007 c8 shortandsweet93
ok ur really pissing me off now. you just had to go and do that whole time travel thing. WHY BLARG ill keep reading but pnly to see if what i want to hapen happens!
7/13/2007 c12 2Havock
please update
7/12/2007 c12 4Ein Sof Ish
so nice yeah

7/1/2007 c12 6lone wolf of the storm
The story is absolutely kick ass. Just wondering, what is Naruto going to do to orochimaru in the second part of the exam. I think it would hilarious if he used his shinigami powers to scare the hell out that snake. however, it would be cool to later see that snake summon the dead kages, and to have them turn against him by some jutsu that Naruto knows. Another thing, will Naruto reveal the truth behind the Uchila massacre to Sasuke or anyone else the village. There is also some mentioning of a Hinata and Naruto pairing in this story, it's used a lot but it still a good pairing. But I could be just reading the signs all wrong, and Naruto still only sees her a just a close friend. However, does Naruto have some sort of clue how Hinata has a thing for him, or is he just as clueless as before in that department.
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