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5/9/2007 c12 tiger982305
please update the story sometime soon it is a really good story and i want to keep reading it. so please update as soon as possible.
5/8/2007 c12 2TigerCat
Ne, you update a little slow, don't you? ::grins:: That's okay - I see your other story had a fairly big gap between updates too. I can't wait to see more, as I am very much intrigued.
5/6/2007 c12 6kira tenshi
are you still busy with school, because then I can understand on why you put off a really good fanfiction. But it would be really nice for you to finish this story. Just incase you do, I'll subscribe to your very original story. I haven't really heard Naruto becoming a God before. So I want to know where everything goes.
4/29/2007 c12 gaul1
good chapter, byes
4/27/2007 c4 2QuadOfChaos
love the story so i guess the Elrics laded in the Naruto world instead of Germany in WW1? anyway its kool
4/26/2007 c12 MysteryLady-Tx
that was AWESOME..I LOVED it...hehehehe, I love Anko and I wonder what he gave Hinata...I'm just really happy taht you don't plan to abandon this story cause it is so GOOD!

I know what you mean about the fillers but they are OVER WOOHOO!

THANKS:D can't wait to see what youare going to have him or them do nexT:D
4/26/2007 c12 4KagomeGirl021
OMG this is so awesome! i cant wait to read more! please update again soon! i want to see the reaction on everyone's faces when they see naruto for what/who is truly is. ^_^
4/24/2007 c12 shankstar89
hey the story is good so far when are u going to update this story. i would like you to elaborate more on naruto's shinigami powers if possible. thank you
4/23/2007 c12 Lloyd Neruameshi
update soon
4/22/2007 c4 2Reyes Yong Nydia
4/15/2007 c12 5Talonspike
Nice I hope you will update again soon
4/15/2007 c12 6Redflash's Legacy
Yo! great story. i hope you update soon.

ja ne
4/13/2007 c12 1superninjamonkey
I love this story. Please don't stop *puppy eyes jutsu*
4/13/2007 c12 2Reyes Yong Nydia

another cliffy!
4/13/2007 c11 Reyes Yong Nydia
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