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11/11/2006 c12 ShadowBack
Excellent chapter! I love the card part! It's great to see Naruto already know his "job". I hope we'll see Hinata-chan uses it too... I wonder how many will try to test/avoid Naruto after such a show...

Keep up the great work !
11/10/2006 c12 livinoutloud
11/10/2006 c12 3firl jausalmcha
hello. i love the way you write! well anyway, i am going to guess that the first person to sign the kitsune contract will be haku, zabuza, or more likely, inari.
11/9/2006 c12 13Manatheron
wow, OK I admit to being impressed, Excellent fic, I can't wait to see where you take it!
11/9/2006 c12 1The Sinner of Anger
i know i enjoyed it very much and can't wait for the next to come out anyway update soon^^ ja Ne!
11/9/2006 c12 Rose917
*claps* "Yes, he finally updated!" I like this chapter very much, although I'm curious why you say you didn't enjoy writing it. I also like how the water/ice protects Naruto. Nice touch. :) Try and update soon!
11/8/2006 c12 2dragondancer123
This story is so cool! I can't wait for the next chapter! I'll be patiant though, I know what it's like to feel swamped by work of any kind...*shudder*
11/8/2006 c12 1windmaster324
this story is one of the best that I have read and it is not empty praise either. I have enjoyed it so far and dont really have any criticism to add. cant wait for next chapter.
11/8/2006 c12 1dsilvis22
love it !
11/8/2006 c12 zoron
man i cant wait to read some more
11/8/2006 c12 fabarati
actually hakama is a type of pants that many japanese martial arts use. if you google for hakama you'll find pictures. You might mean Gi, which is the shirt that many MANY martial arts use (karate, judo, aikido, iaido, etc.).
11/7/2006 c4 wryter4-hire
LIAR!you said that neji's bloodline limit wouldn,t work on naruto yet they did!...Oh well. It'seasy to make mistakes like that!trust me...*looks at a csroll that says My Mistakes on it* What? Thatsall? * Pickes it up and watches as it uncurls and coversthe world*...DAMMIT! * Burns list* anyway good job so far.
11/7/2006 c12 Fox Loves Shinigami
great chapter update soon^_^ Ja.
11/7/2006 c12 Killy
Wonderfull chapter! it truly is a shame you didnt enjoy this writing it, becouse i certanly enjoyed reading it. I particulaly liked the riddles sent by the gods, very creative. I do hope you have more fun with the next chapter, let your mighty imagination take flight and please update again soon.
11/7/2006 c12 DRKSilent-Killer
great story I remember reading it forever ago but suddenly you stopped updating keep up the good work
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