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4/11/2016 c1 12Esmereilda
nice start
3/29/2016 c12 Dania2002
Continue this please
3/7/2016 c12 Lilithenightshade
When you said you would take a while to update i didnt think you would wait 10 YEARS ! !
2/25/2016 c12 Guest
not end the story and quit huh hate when people do that...
2/23/2016 c9 Guest
p.s. in naruto world the samurai practically live on the othe rside of the continent and they never leave(i know this isnt cannon but plz dont destroy naruto)
2/23/2016 c7 Guest
time travelfull metal alchemistoverdoing it
2/6/2016 c12 Chaos Knight
Dude you had a lot of good idea's and a decent plot If you please try to update again.
12/7/2015 c12 Miles Little
If u still hse this account or still write this story pls continue it. As u may imagine nothing is worse than getting sucked into a book and finding it incomplete
6/15/2015 c12 MewMaster151
"The updates may take a while"!? Nine and a half years is long enough! This is one of my most favorite stories, but zero updates in nearly a decade with no explanation... inexcusable!
3/25/2015 c12 Guest
Then why did you do it? You just made yourself a hypocrite when you said you hate when people quit writing their fan fiction and then you quit writing yours. Ja Ne.
2/13/2015 c12 the fluffy
Next next I want to read the next chapter please I like no loved this fabric and I want to read more
10/23/2014 c12 setrya
so... u planing to continue i kind of like.
10/4/2014 c12 2Chimera Raver
loving this story so far _ keep up the great work
7/1/2014 c11 Guest
How does his toy break from a good guy pose from Gai. Also with Kakashi always dismissing when something out of the ordinary happens around Naruto. Really when you notice something your supposed to look into it.
5/29/2014 c12 4Bochord of Leaspell
Overpowered, but not exaggerated. Nice.
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