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5/21/2014 c5 Guest
You ruined the story by doing a Fullmetal Alchemist crossover
4/12/2014 c12 2DarkPurpleGoth13
NOOO! Please write more! I really love this!
4/3/2014 c12 5gogo199432
I guess you ended the story here...too bad I seriously enjoyed reading it and would like some more from it. There are too few good godlike Naruto stories that worth time reading them. Hoping for an update here even if the last one was like 7 years ago XD
4/2/2014 c12 michiko123456
please upload its the best naruto fanfic i have ever read so far and i am telling you i have read more hen 50 naruto fanfics starting in wattpad ...please upload soon meh your fan
12/5/2013 c4 110th Squad 3rd Seat
This is no longer canon plot!
12/5/2013 c3 10th Squad 3rd Seat
It isn't Rookie Nine cuz Sasuke isn't there.
I feel like a pedo, how old is Naruto's néw body?
12/5/2013 c2 10th Squad 3rd Seat
You keep switching genders for Kyuubi!:(
12/5/2013 c1 10th Squad 3rd Seat
Some of Kyuubi's dialogue isn't bolded.
10/31/2013 c12 SmokenShadows48
why did you stop this story
8/30/2013 c12 Anime100
This is truly interesting; please update soon
2/2/2013 c12 finish this shit
Aaaand it ends.
1/25/2013 c12 Guest
when are you going to release the next chapter?
1/14/2013 c12 Kira-Kaminari-san
That was an amazing story line...are u going to continue it at any point?
11/22/2012 c12 Kit XIII
can't wait for more (in a very sweet voice said) please have naru-chan kill the filthy snake (dark sickly sweet smile and voice with madness in my eyes) i can't wait till he RIPS the snake-pedo APART VERY SLOWLY AND MAKE HIM SCREAM TARE HIM LIMB FROM LIMB SHOW NO MERCY... and i truly hope the leafs don't mess up or the gods may be able to convince naru-chan that if he takes the ones that deserves to live away witch is only a handful of groups the leaf village will burn and the god of fire will not help them that would really be a pity although they do deserve it (giggle) they always deserve it
bye bye i'll talk next time
11/7/2012 c12 13XT3100
oh i canmt wait!
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