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1/17/2013 c2 lesa.blazer
please finish
12/19/2008 c2 applemagic751
write more soon
3/18/2008 c2 1gymkidz2000
Good start... can't wait for the update.
2/28/2008 c2 11CarebearKara
Great fic, looking forward to more.
11/15/2007 c2 McDreamylvr
oh please write more! PMS!
11/11/2007 c2 38itsamandything
it's pretty good

can't wait to read more
11/11/2007 c2 1Princess of the Rogues

-Princess ( L )
11/11/2007 c2 5InsightDelight
I love this - it's fantastical!

11/11/2007 c2 5101ISFAN
that beeo-tch, great story post more soon please
11/10/2007 c2 4squinTfrown
Wow... Amazing writing! You are very gifted, and the emotion you put into this was incredible! Please post more as soon as you can!
11/10/2007 c2 shadyrenee
I LOVE this and can't wait for more! Please updat soon!
9/17/2007 c1 Sandra
This story is amazing. :)
6/13/2006 c1 a fan
i know it's been forever since you have updated this but... it would be really awesome to see where you take this. i would love to read the rest if you ever decide to write more
4/2/2006 c1 15GigliwasCool
so I'm at least 6 months late with this review, but i just wanted to tell you how much i LOVE this ff! its different from everything else, genuiley funny, and totally in character! i love Jude's tour quips and the Tommy and Eden dynamic, its too hilarious! please update soon!
3/25/2006 c1 wink-murder
i really like this story. i was totally hooked by the end of the chapter. i was just wondering if you're going to finish it. if you are i'd like to put it in my tommyxjude c2 community. keep up the great work!
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