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12/31/2006 c1 naeo
Ok, the whole coughing thing was just a waste of your own time and effort. Your readers arn't stupid, we can pick up on the fact that Shuichi and the gang are all sick with just one of those little coughy things. And what fluff? Sure you had the cute thing down flat, but you didn't have any real fluffy romance crap.
7/7/2006 c3 6LuV2Writ3
Yay! I LOVE Tatsuha and Ryuichi! Haha, I loved it when Tatsuha started trying to take away Ryuichi's things to get him to take the medicene. "Candy, ice-cream, cartoons, games, sex (as if HE could handle that)..." That part was hilarous and very Tatsuha-like. No, Tatsu-chan, I don't think you could handle that very well, but it was worth a try.

Ryuichi was, again, adorably sweet and extremely funny. I could totally see him refusing to take medicene, no matter how good it smelled. And Tatsuha's way of administering the medicene was also something I could definitely see happening.

Oh yeah, I liked the scene with Yuki, Shuichi, Hiro and Suguru. Very funny. "hmmusfsakjjso" Haha. ^_^ I wonder how a person would say that?

All in all, I, again, loved it. I really liked the title too. Very fitting. I have said this before, but I really like how you write. Everything seems to sort of flow easily, and the characters are all believable with their reactions.

A wonderful, cute little fic to make you laugh and have a good time reading. Thanks a bunch for sharing! ^_^ Hope to see more from you soon (hint hint) ^_^

-x- LuV -x-
7/7/2006 c2 LuV2Writ3
Aww, the lack of Tatsuha and Ryuichi saddens me, but at least this way I can read about a couple I have just been introduced to. Gotta say, I am liking the HiroxSuguru. I must admit, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to look for them, but I do think they are cute together. And, once again, I like how you wrote them. Everything was believeable and nicely paced.

I like the thought things, that way I can see inside the character's heads a little bit. Its a very interesting style that takes a little bit to get used to, but once you do, its very cool. Me likes ^_^

Another great chapter (not that I'm surprised) Luckily, I don't have to wait for the next one!

-x- LuV -x-
7/7/2006 c1 LuV2Writ3
Haha, how adorable! As you know, I am a hopeless RyuichixTatsuha fan, so its no surprise that I loved those parts the bestest (not a word, I know ^_^) The HiroxSuguru surprised me (not in a bad way) I have never thought of the two together, (probably because I mostly stay in RyuTat land) but after reading this, I can see it definitely has potential. They would be very pretty together. And their personalities could mix well too.

I really loved the "I can make it fun for you" comment that Tatsuha made. I started laughing and my mom gave me an extremely odd look. Thats okay, she already knows I'm crazy.

I am definitely liking this fic as well. Still adorable, and cute. And I still love how you write everyone. Great job as usual! ^_^

Fluffy is good (unless your a monster, in which case, your not very scary) and there can never be too much of it. So bring on the fluff!

-x- LuV -x-
4/12/2006 c2 nari-chan
can i have the full lemon please ? i really enjoyed the story and would like to finsh what u started it left me wanting more so please continue to write and if u can please send me the full lemon !

your fan narichan
12/26/2005 c3 Sui-chan
12/20/2005 c3 19barisu
12/20/2005 c3 kimmichi
Thanx for updating that was funny Ryuichi act's just like my brother when he get's medicine.
12/19/2005 c3 2Stuckiesama
i liked it. especially the tatsuha x ryuichi parts. they are cute!
12/19/2005 c3 Aleandri
I think your story turned out very well! I loved it! Especially Hiro and Suguru's little get together! My fav part of all was when Yuki saw Suguru's name on caller ID, but Hiro was on it and it just clicked! Great job!
12/19/2005 c3 2XxTypoMasterxX
yay! THat was great! Nice way of tatsuha to give ryuichi his medicine! I hate medicine...unless it's in pills! U deaserve a cookie for this story *gives out cookie* yay!
12/19/2005 c3 1NaTsUkO-ChAn
Aw... It's so cute!^^ hehehehe. So adorable! I love it though I wish to know the funny parts you had in mind. Neways, is that the end. SO fast? Aw... I really like this. It's so cute^^
12/19/2005 c3 12Ji-Kobashiri
Oh! 3 in 1 huh? I mean, three problems in one fanfic... That's amazing! Oh! Oh! I love the whole Ryuichi and Tatsuha scene! 'twas cute!

Oh well!

Smell you around!

^_^ Setsuna-chan ^_^
12/18/2005 c3 16December Jewel
Cute! I loved it when Shuichi put two and two together! GAH! I hate medicine too! They lie! It never taste like strawberry or cherries! I'm sad that it's the end, but it was very enjoying! ^^
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