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10/22/2006 c3 6Dragon of the Moon
HI! Miyuki-chan. It's Yumi here. This story is so awesome. Please update ASAP!
5/2/2006 c3 1lidool anime gurl
O.o...lolz ^^ this chapter was alrite i guess, but i think it was too short, lolz. can you plz make the chpters a little but more longer ^^ if possible. the story is really getting interesting... i really like this story... but can you plz continue mysterious saviors...^^ thanks!
4/24/2006 c2 lidool anime gurl
omg! this story is getting really interesting and so cool!^^

tomoyo is really different as well... a little to girly for my liking... i mean, boyz? is tat wat she thinks about? its just not the right tomoyo-chan for me... but overall, the story is getting really interesting!
4/24/2006 c1 lidool anime gurl
k... i think tat meilin shld be good... i don't noe y but it alwaiz seems t oend up like tat in the end... and plus i don't noemany reciepes... and the only thing i cna bake is cupcakes and plain cakes... but they alwaiz get burnt. lolzz ^^

the story seems interesting, especially the begining at teh flashbck...lolz

o yeah i think tat tomoyo's hair is dark blue... ja-ne ^^
1/1/2006 c4 12 OVERLY obsessed
its a great story! PLEASE CONTINUE!
12/27/2005 c4 8Divine Illuminance

Don't stress out, but please think of more ideas this is a fantastic story and with a wonderful author like u this story has alot of potential.

12/24/2005 c2 4alexxxa
wow. i love ur chinese. lol.
12/19/2005 c4 21takari love
Plz update quickly... Cool story!..('',)
12/18/2005 c3 7ImmortalSoull
oh! this is so good! cant wait for the next chapter!
12/18/2005 c1 Nano Wolf

superb fic! its really good for your first story. anyway, keep on writing
12/1/2005 c3 21Sirenic Griffin
I luv it! It sounds awesome. Keep writing.
10/31/2005 c3 4krn5rul3
omg continue

gr8 story

wonder wat happens
10/30/2005 c3 1stephie 23
Oh. Cute chappie! Cant wait to see what happens next! hehe... so excited! ^_^
10/29/2005 c3 91Sparkly Faerie
Wow... this is the tragedy? That picture? Well, Sakura had better learn to get over it, and fast! And let me tell you, a lame tragedy is better than no tragedy.

Update soon! I cant say I REALLY liked this chapter... but it was tolerable, cause I have a feeling it's gonna lead up to something GREAT!
10/29/2005 c3 psycho-pyro-shrink
lol! sorry... haru... what a girly name... anyway. this was a god cahpter! udpate soon can't wait to see what's next!
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