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5/22/2007 c5 2Mistress Kasumi
ALAS! FINALLY! A fanfic about Shinji and Kyoko. More then not, the support characters are forgotten. Seems you have targeted them. Well, I am glad to say my fanfic story is not alone. Why did you stop? This story seems to be the best thing to me since electricity! I don't know the reasons but if at all possible. PLEASE, start this fanfic project back up again. It would be a real shame if it was never completed! Well, hope to see an update soon. You got yourself another faithful fan, MJP. Laserai out.
1/27/2007 c5 6Kumorigoe
I'm really glad to see this one continued. I think that Shinji and Kyoko don't get enough attention in the writing world, and this one lookd like it's shaping up to be a good peice of work.
8/24/2006 c5 13Sitting on the Event Horizon
Hi. Wonderful story. As with the rest of the reviwers, I agree that this couple was ignored even in the series. Also life is unforgiving at times, thus it is best to buck up and continue on. For Shinji, it may even be a dream come true for him yet the cavet - be careful what you wish for still holds true. For Kyoko, I am beginning to think that she's much more than she lets on. Another Whispered, perhaps?

Anyway please update.
8/22/2006 c5 The Iowan Patriot
I've long liked this story and I wonder when this story will be updated! I really look forward to an update. Your plot and prose are real good. I think Kyoko and Shinji make a great potential romance and I think this story will go far.

DLM, The Iowan Patriot
3/26/2006 c5 70Sheo Darren
“I just hope this really does help her in the long run. A year ago, she barely knew how to spell her own name.”

Welcome to the real world, where the truth is harsh and unforgiving.

Beautiful, the way you've put depth and history to Kyoko. A serious and dark explanation as to why she's such a camera freak. To think that the act of taking a picture is important to her mental health...

Ditto with Nakayama. An interesting and appealing character, not at all two-dimensional and stale like so many OCs.

Well done!
3/22/2006 c5 23Hououza
Excellent chapter.

So, Kyoko has been the first to find out what Shinji is doing and to directly express her concern. It seems that this is the first major moment of the two of them connecting. I look forwards to seeing how this develops and whether the two can draw strength from one another.

Fatigue and overcaffination is a combo I know all too I do not recommend extended periods of exposure to.

Good luck & best wishes,

3/19/2006 c4 70Sheo Darren
A moving depiction of Shinji's determination and drive. I know exactly what he feels, having just taken up weight training months ago. Go, man!

Superbly written story. I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Hopefully some light can be shed on Kyoko's character. I'm really interested in just what you've got in store for the future.
3/16/2006 c4 2BPE Exeter
I like that the focus of the story isn't solely on the developing relationship. Often pairing stories get bogged down in that element of it, while the actual individual character development suffers. Again, this installment left me wanting more, and my only real complaint is the short chapters. Technically, the writing is solid. Overall, this is an excellent story well worth continuation.
3/16/2006 c4 23Hououza
Magnificent chapter.

Once again the character development takes on a definite pace, Shinji trying to remake himself into something more, both for himself and his father. In a way it makes me wonder that he has never asked Sousuke for help, he could at least help him by giving him a partener to work with.

As before, I loke how this is playing out and look forwards to seeing where it goes.

Good luck & best wishes,

1/14/2006 c1 8CenturyChild533
thank the gods, an FMP story that covers something out of the ordinary! You are my hero!

The story was excellent, I love stories that explore characters with very little real screentime in the series (and these two certainly fit that description). This story is great, and looks like it's going to get better. Keep up the good work!
11/22/2005 c3 23Hououza
To be honest, before this I had never really consider this pairing very much, as you said the pair always seem to be in the background and seeing them take the spotlight was a rare experience and one that has been rtichly rewarded.

I like how this opened, the scene set well and the character development at just the right pace. I truely look forwards to seeing what more unfolds.

Good luck & best wishes,

11/21/2005 c1 9Wild Goose 01
Whoa Mike, a NEW story? -_-;; I'm more or less stalled with my works (hence my beta-ing of The Hollow Men), but you keep on churning them out!

Anyways, review thing. ShinjixKyoko... it looks good, and plans of him joining up the JSDF do fit with his personality, I think. (I was planning to write a series of drabbles set 10 years later, where in one of those, he joined the JSDF.)

I'm a bit curious though - Shinji is thinking of enlisting, but weren't the Type 96 pilots in the Narashino episode all officers? (I ask because my FMP VDCs have gotten lost in the move to KL.)

Anyways, it's still a good read, even without input from the beta team. ^_^ Keep it coming.
11/12/2005 c3 3Moonshadow29
Wow, I have to say I'm really impressed with this fic. It looks like you've put a lot of thought into developing these characters beyond their very limited roles in the cannon. I never paid much attention to Shinji before, but he's growing on me quite a bit thanks to you. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take things from here. Want to know what Kyouko's condition is and how things will progress between the two of them. Keep it up!
11/11/2005 c3 70Sheo Darren
Very moving. The change in Shinji really touches me. I've gone through a similar phase in real life, so I know what it is he's feeling.

Jerk? I wouldn't say that, really. Shinji seems more of the 'detached from this world because I'm paying attention to much more important things' than 'jerk'. His actions are pretty understandable. And his current plan is quite impressive. Become an AS pilot (or mechanic at the least)? I'm cheering for him.

Plus, an interesting backstory on Kyoko- not to mention a serious explanation as to why she is such a camera freak. What is it's she had been taking medicine and therapy for?

Most interesting chapter. Great work. Awaiting the next with interest and anticipation...
11/9/2005 c2 6Kumorigoe
Very interesting. I hope that more comes out soon...
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