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11/25/2017 c1 3SchizoidSeth
Wow I must say that was an emotional rollercoaster. But something didn't feel right. Jake, from seeing his behavior through this story, wouldn't have left Edger. I mean I have split personality disorder and my boyfriend doesn't give two shits. Thats the only part I have issues believing. Keep up the good work.

this is your favorite psychopath schizo with the message, "People are adapting, changing everyday. they are capable of more then most would believe. theu can handle a lot more hardships
8/11/2010 c1 4Martin Whitlock
Poor Edgar! I was so sad when jake left.
5/16/2010 c1 7Cadaver Carnivorum
The emotions... So realistic, so delicious... I have too much to say and will say nothing, for everything is obvious or said already.
8/11/2009 c1 1Reginleifthevalkyrie
Oh, wow. I love how all your stories can be re-read and re-read and you get something different very time, because you forgot to read a sentence or you mixed up who said what and GOD. Your writings can't be good for my mental heath, and if I read one the night before or the day of an appointment I scare the SHIT out of my therapist from the way I'm acting,(Me = easily influenced by literature, be it my speaking pattern, accent, train of though, mood or personality)but your stories make me,... happy. I laugh, I cry, I FEEL.
12/30/2007 c1 19NextNothingNew
I don't know why, but I'm just giggling hysterically at Edgar's entire conversation with Jake. Some part of me finds it all intensely amusing. Ah, and I like Jake. Yay for piercings. And Scriabin sounds like he's just hanging onto coherency with his repetitive 'keep talking with him's.

Wait, with what? I'm taking a guess that he means...drugs? Prostitution? I think he means drugs. Or something. Ah, he does assume alot. "I'm not your...looky...toy." "Eloquent." *laughs again*

'Me!' Oh yeah, that's right. Well, I think Scri's interesting, in a terribly childish, lonely kinda way. *snicker* Seriously, tell him. Oh great, I've joined Scri. But no, I want to know what Jake's reaction to 'well, I was threatened with death around 12 times' would be. "-or else I'll pay for it." Oh, now I'm REALLY laughing. This isn't that funny, but I find it amusing as hell. Poor Edgar. And Jake, who probably thinks the wrong things too.

"...but you're really jumpy, you know that? Very skittish." That's pretty much Edgar in a sentence. "Well, you seem pretty good right now." Whoops. 'Oh, I wonder what he'll say to that...' *snort* 'I can't predict his reactions...' Is that what Scri's trying to do? Dayam, they're both totally drunk now. Hm. And aww for Jake 'cause Edgar needs some time with someone who won't kill him. Or something. *pets Nny's head*

Empathy! Yes, that's the word that fits Jake so easily! 'Hey, I'm on his side.' I read the other fic where the world falls apart, and I recall Scri's reaction to I wonder if that'll happen here? *has a vague idea where this is going* Somehow, I don't think someone like Edgar could offend someone like Jake. ''m sorry, I forgot what we were talking about. Uh, is Jake okay?' Lawls at that. Scri is so drunk.

"...holy shit, I'm totally smashed, aren't I?" *snicker* yep. "Do you just want me to take over from here?" This is me, laughing at Edgar's naivety. 'I want to do things to him and see what happens.' Ah ha. What happened to 'I want to TALK to him'?

Okay, I gotta add that I love all of Jake's peircings. Just an interesting quirk with him. "I bet he was the last, and fuck, what he could've done..." Yes, there's that assuming again. Still laughing here. 'Unh...what did I do last night...?' Damn, no scene for the readers. Agh, the after effects, Edgar is going to have a heart attack...

'Janet? Julie?' Uh. No. And where were his clothes? *dieing from a fit of laughter now* oh, oh, my gods- *lawls* 'Do you know what a tongue piercing is for?' *still laughing* But oh, tell me Jake is going to appear somewhere, maybe after Scri's screaming fit or something, 'cause ah, Edgar and Scri need not feel like that. *pets Jake, for some reason*

They found comfort in one another - although Scriabin did not admit as such - and in the fact that they at least seemed permanent.
6/2/2007 c1 NeraFX
Holy Jebus! This totally makes me think of that part in "Vargas" where Edgar wakes up sore and he's all like, "Ow, what happened" and Scriabin is all like, "You and Nny did the nasty" and Edgar is all like, "LIES! O.O"

ZOMG. Did Scriabin make Edgar do the nasty with Nny? XD Naw, Nny's head would probably implode from all the physical contact.

Anyways... poor Edgar. Le sigh.
12/28/2005 c1 2DA KLOWN
That was so...GOOD. Dear God that was good...Of all the Edgar fics you've written, this one's at the top of my list. Man, poor Jake, but at the same time, damn. You like him, and then you want to hate him...grr...

Ah well. Very good! Keep it up!
11/9/2005 c1 14Tsuki-no-oni
highly amusing little one-shot. ^.^ yes, it was in the section where Scri was comforting Edgar that he really seemed insane...a bit Gollum-ish...would have made me pee myself with laughter if Jake had walked in on Scri and Edgar's

so does the bare hands vengence mean that eventually Scri is going to be a physical presence, or that Edgar's just a bit more nuts than he thought? ...will Scri be able to seperate like the doughboys? that would be interesting...I loved the Vargas updates.
10/13/2005 c1 30animeninjaNIPPON
Wow...intense. Poor Edgar.
10/8/2005 c1 54Karu Leonnese
Wow. Crazies galore. ^_^ Awesome as always.
10/7/2005 c1 3rueyeet
Y'know, I was really struck by how everything Edgar said about Johnny, about having to be careful around this person who got so angry that it made it constantly second-guess himself-how ALL of that could apply equally to Scriabin. (except maybe the stabby bits.) Not that Scriabin will EVER admit this, of course.

I was also struck by how sad Edgar's situation really is; how crushed and beaten he's become by Nny and Scri and the wastelock thing. That child that burned those cookies, that is afraid he'll do everything wrong, is still in there, crying for help. It's pitiable, truly.

The other thing that stood out here was how completely and utterly f'ed up the pair of them are. That thing about them clinging to each other afterwards, because "they at least seemed permanent." That they've both long since forgotten that they're taking their duality for granted, or that there is anything wrong with that. That they both have that same need to take responsibility-in Edgar, by guilt; and in Scriabin, by action. The whole thing really brought home, to me, how out of control things have gotten-even withOUT the diaryfic.

The thing with writing sidefics, like Violation and the random stuff in the temp directory, is that they can't quite be discounted or forgetten, when writing other stuff. Those other ideas just sort of wend their way in, and after a while, like Scriabin, it all seems perfectly natural...

One nitpick, though: There's a little bit of a POV shift near the end. Both where it's pointed out that "It's when you stop thinking it's weird, that's when things are really wrong" and when you detail Scriabin's thoughts and feelings when he's comforting Edgar. In both places it goes from Edgar's POV to third-person omniscient, which is a teny little bit jarring.

Okay, END of entirely-too-long review.
10/7/2005 c1 4Miyaka the Swordmaster
Diaryfic was deleted? Infidels.

Anyway, very cute, but depressing at the same time.

I'm gonna go make Edgar, Scri, and Jake sims now. x3
10/6/2005 c1 21Hiron Otsuki
Poor Edgar...
10/6/2005 c1 Spoonerific
"Well, in that case...what do you think is interesting about yourself?"

Scriabin burst out with a sudden word in his mind exactly like an enthusiastic student who knew the answer to an obvious question.



. . . THAT, had me snorking my drink at the compscreen. It's just so very...SCRIABIN. And Drunk!Scri is fun too.

And Jake seemed so nice too...

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