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2/18/2011 c1 ty penick
jewel=chaos emerald
8/8/2010 c1 darknexv
Make another SonicxRouge and make then end together this time!
3/17/2008 c1 Frank Tangerine
It was supposed to be sonicxamy. Or sonicxblaze. Heck, even SonicxElise. But never this.

And the reason why is it makes one heck of a good pairing! The care-free hedgehog and the jewel-loving, mostly care-free bat colide.

5/19/2007 c4 1Crystal Katanmiri
this was a good fic! make a sequel!
3/25/2007 c4 QJD1381
Dammit NO! Sonamy is the most shit pairing ever! Amy doesnt deserve Sonic1 shes a bitch and she is gonna die! even if i gotta create my own fic to do it!

* ... if i make my own fic...heh heh*
11/21/2006 c1 77Xekstrin
You don't need to think of fancy words like "retorted' to make it seem like your writing is fresh... there's nothing wrong with 'said'.

In other news, Rouge with Sonic disturbs me. In a good way, of course.
11/4/2006 c4 Alex
Good story.I think you should write the second one thats not related to Just a Jewel.I like Sonic and Rouge.
10/14/2006 c4 KNUX9
I would love to read a story not related to Just a Jewel!

O by the way i lover this story it was sweet!1

My fav pairing is Sonic and Rouge! or Shadow and my fan character well i luv this story and good bye!
5/20/2006 c4 2The anonymus elmo
this story owns
1/22/2006 c4 mon
hehe nice story =D hope u start the sequal soon =D
1/2/2006 c4 10SJ777
Hee hee, do sequel 1, or 2, or even both in the same story.
11/14/2005 c4 18Sonic The Alchemist
Very nice, after Rouge explained what the jewel did, that kind of gave the ending away...sorta. and yes, write a sequel to this story for the love of God! Peace!
11/14/2005 c3 Sonic The Alchemist
Hmm...well, that was certainly a (cough) change.
11/14/2005 c2 Sonic The Alchemist
Very interesting. You've turned the concept into an intersting story! I shall read on!
11/14/2005 c1 Sonic The Alchemist
Very interesting concept. I shall read on.
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