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10/30/2005 c6 1Geordiegirl
LOVE it, update soon
10/30/2005 c6 26Gilmoregirl7878

I'm lovin this story!
10/30/2005 c6 Aussie
Speaking from the point of view of an Australia, I just want to tell you a few things about us. Ok yes, a lot of people say "mate" but they never say things like "Mates! I’m bored..." It's not used in that context. When you used it here: “Can’t we just pick up our dear mate from work and bring him out for a fosters?” That's better. And the fosters thing. I don't know if that is a reference to the Australian beer or a reference to some American thing that I don't know, but if it is the beer, no one says that. They just say "beer" not the actual brand.
10/30/2005 c6 7A. Mulholland
OMG, really? I couldn't tell that you didn't speak English as a first language! Where are you from? If you don't mind me asking...
10/30/2005 c6 3spinaround

Great chapter. That deer thing sounds funny. update soon.
10/30/2005 c5 Vivss
Humm I don't know if they really can do this... I know what Dean did was wrong but beat him is not the best way, even if I hate him so much hehe. This story is great! Keep doing this excellent work!
10/30/2005 c4 Vivss
“A world outside of my great one?” - Huahuahuahu! I'm happy someone shares my big hatred for Dean as well! Loving this fic!
10/30/2005 c3 Vivss
I hate Dean so much too! I'm loving he's been a loser here too! I'm really enjoying this world of them in boarding school!
10/30/2005 c1 Vivss
Hey I liked this do far! It seems very interesting... Anyway I have lots of chapters to catch up here...
10/30/2005 c6 1CoCaCoLa29
lol funny story the whole deer in the ceiling is like the police car on top of an MIT building!lol great story LOVED the whole beating up dean part i swear i could here "stuck in the middle with you" in the back round UPDATE ASAP!
10/30/2005 c6 5Accentlover31
OMG someone put a dead deer in the ceiling tiles! lol! Thats hilarious! Anyways I love the chapter! So get well and update soon!
10/30/2005 c6 37cosmopolitan
the senior class at ur school ROCKS i congadulate them!

plz update asap i love a good au rogan boarding school fic (wow that was a long description oh well) the fic rocks plz remember to update it
10/30/2005 c6 TheTroubleWithLoveIsYou
LOL. Well we have a acafeteria at school and I was in the class of 05 and trust me if anything could go wrong, I'm sure it will, trusting the 450 of us. :P

Thanks, deni :)
10/30/2005 c6 11KeitaWolf
CRAZY! But did they actually kill a deer? Or did they buy a dead one?

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