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10/15/2005 c4 1princetongirl
love it update soon
10/15/2005 c4 2Ace-reporter
The revenge on Dean must be sweet!
10/14/2005 c3 2Sdkhb
Oh my god! Ror and Logan need to get together or i might die!
10/14/2005 c3 Festis7
Well that wasn't much Rogan interaction, was it? Hope for more Rogan in the next chapter.

I like to see Logan takeing Rory out for a date.
10/13/2005 c3 30rnl1993
love it pleas4e continue soon.
10/13/2005 c3 3spinaround
I am so happy that Rory turned him down. I was getting worried there for a while.

I can't wait for the next chapter and all the promised Rogan goodness!
10/13/2005 c3 6purplemoon07
Great chapter. I look foward to reading more of this story. Its way different, and I like that. Please update soon!
10/13/2005 c3 TheTroubleWithLoveIsYou
hehehehe so many dean-haters in this fan-fic world!

thanks, deni :)
10/13/2005 c3 1CoCaCoLa29
YIPPE ROGAN GOODNESS *insert infinitive exclamation points* THat was GREAT UPDATE ASAP!
10/13/2005 c3 1princetongirl
loved it update soon
10/13/2005 c3 Michelle
OMG, OMG, OMG! You're a Rogan fan right? So you will get them together eventually right? Dean MUST
10/13/2005 c3 18Michaelover101
Remember Stack of bibles! You lie i'm sicking Mama kim on you! LOL! Can't wait for the next chappy! I'm loving it so far...and seeing as i'm a avid Dean hater can't wait for the rejection! Keep it up!

10/13/2005 c3 2Ace-reporter
I really HATE Dean too and I'm glad that Rory isn't even giving him a chance! I absolutely love your stories so update soon!
10/13/2005 c3 37cosmopolitan
cant wait to see them!

plz update the fic asap
10/13/2005 c3 123123123123123po
great chapt!
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