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4/12/2017 c4 343No Fate 1990
This story was really sad and yet it raised awareness about domestic violence
12/1/2015 c4 Svu lover
No! Keep going please
11/21/2015 c4 mandy2940
7/6/2015 c4 Guest
6/30/2015 c4 Bfj
3/19/2015 c4 Guest
Please continue
12/29/2014 c4 Genesis Nenson
I love this story u should do more
12/20/2014 c4 olivia b
Keep writing it's interesting people always use stories with eo it's nice to have a break
10/29/2014 c4 8BubblesMariska
This was good
7/7/2014 c4 3SVU2023DESCENDANTS2024
8/2/2013 c4 6m3lissa
you totally have to continue this story. pleaseeee!
4/11/2013 c2 1MarisolMagic
you are really good will you help me with my story its similar
2/23/2013 c3 repeatedmadness
Wow this is good! This is my second time reading this so it's really good. Lol, my mom LOVES law and order...
12/27/2012 c4 repeatedmadness
Awwww was this posted in 2005? Dang, I was 4 or 5 then. Please continue writing this story. Please. Sorry it's now 2012
12/27/2012 c2 repeatedmadness
YES I ENJOYED IT! With your writing quality, who wouldn't like it?
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