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for All Men are JERKS

12/14/2012 c6 angeljme
sad that it was abandoned... i love how Darien has balls to go through all of that
i bet he's already in love with Sere
12/14/2012 c4 angeljme
i thought this was the best line: "He's going to think I'm going to charge him!"

but when i saw this one, i just laughed my head off

"After what you pulled you should show up at his door wearing a thong and a smile."
12/14/2012 c3 angeljme
i lurve the senshi!
12/14/2012 c1 angeljme
dang! what an excitable lil bunny you wrote hear... insane much?

but it is funny. hilarious!
7/29/2008 c6 20Hazel Maraa
-laughs face off- Ok, that was great. Please update soon?



(OMG - I remember Boston Public! I loved that show so much! And then I would watch Ally McBeal and sigh over Bon Jovi when he was in that show...xD.)
11/28/2007 c1 rabbit16
like it like it
10/11/2007 c6 Mimi Jones
LOL nice beginning.. cant wait to hear the rest
7/2/2007 c6 jessie
I can't remember if I have given you a review before, but I liked your story. It has a good sense of humor.
6/24/2007 c6 8Azure-x-Roze
Well your prayers or begging(?) has been answered by this brunette! I love your story! It's hilarious! Can't wait to see what happens! Ja ne! ^_^
1/13/2007 c6 Annie
OMG! Two words Fuck-ing hilaraiouse! lol well yeah it was great and i was laughing so hard i think i had a coronary. well you better update soon if you dont want me to do a serena and haunt you down till i can take my bitchiness over lack of story out on your person lol dont seww mee it was a joke! love ya stories so UPDATE!hehe
6/29/2006 c6 1Sailor Libra24
Yep, here's your lovely review... Awesome story, but will please update soon? I wanna find out of Darien's still alive.SL
5/13/2006 c6 supersaiyanx
lol update soon!

great fic! =)
5/7/2006 c6 ZK
You have to update, I love your story! PLEASE!
3/14/2006 c6 23samisweet
O the humor! Goodness, you had me laughing my freaking :ass: off. Your wit is simply divine, darling, and I love every single moment of it! If only there were more writers out there like you, which there, quite sorrowfully, isn't, and because of the lack, I'll be having to knock down the door to your house, tie and gag you to your computer chair, and force you to write another chapter! I love Serena's way with words. It left me in complete stitches. I had to ignore the weird looks my horror of a brother was shooting me because of my random bursts of laughter, but after he threw a freaking pencil at my head, I had to stop the reading of your incredibly hilarious story and pursue a similarly hilarious adventure of my own. (insert wink) I, sadly, lack the ability to write such wonderful fanfics. Poor Serena -my daddy's much the same. Haha, though I do lack the ability to write funny 'stuff', I do have a mouth on me worse than Serena's so I can completely relate to her. Great job so far and please save me the pain of all these horrible fics the writers dare to post and come out with another chapter!

Till chapter seven and much love, samisweet
3/10/2006 c6 tam
lol funny as hell
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