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for Lemons

8/20/2013 c1 riverrat
Beautiful little story. I love your style of writing.
2/24/2007 c1 5Ella Not Lotte
OMG! I just saw one of your stories on my favorie stories and realised I had three of your stories on my list without realising it... Oh, well, I cried at the end... Luffed it!
1/8/2006 c1 1Cora Meskhenet
They finally got enough of each other it was going to happen some day. This is pretty good!
10/20/2005 c1 8bridit
are you serious this is only a one shot? im shattered, devestated, OH WOE IS ME! you couldn't possibley carry on, pretty pretty pretty please? Feel free to slap me for acting like a prat...please?
10/17/2005 c1 4Mystical Witch
Love to see what will happen next.

Post soon.

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