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for Dragon Lady of Macross

10/13 c16 BlazeStryker
Okay, hopefully, I didn't comment on this chapter long ago; I have to know, is Rick so sanguine about his handle because he's parsing it as "Rick Headhunter" in his mind?
9/7 c30 buffmage
Superb story, excellent storytelling, thank you all for your work on this, I enjoyed it immensely.
8/31 c30 macrossboy
.Well, I finished reading this story. As a fan of the Hunter-Hayes and Saotome-Tendo ships, I've never liked/following any story that has them separate (at least HunterHayes [just Harry Hibiki and the Philosopher's Stone with Ranma]), until now. Congratulations friend and thank you for writing it and to your collaborators for helping you. Greetings from Mexico
9/5/2020 c1 Guest
3/27/2020 c3 Rereader

Rereading a story is like revisiting a friend.

In sharing your fic you have brought a bit of happiness into my life.

3/26/2020 c1 Just a note
I had to Google "Iron Hand" to find out what type of mission it was.

Found the answer in Wikipedia,.

It is letting enemy anti air radar lock on so you can find and destroy the installation.
2/2/2019 c30 Remnant's Spartan
Please write a sequel I would love to read more about Ranma and Lisa and third family and fleet
9/28/2018 c30 ranjira1988
if I had one wish granted it'd be a sequel to this masterpiece. I cant count the number of times I've re-read this story.

in my humble opinion this is one of the best fan fictions on the site if not the entire internet and one of my all time top 5 favorites outta the many many MANY stories I've read while sick or on my off time. brave just bravo
7/23/2018 c30 Journxy
This is the definition of fucked up, I regret not stopping reading this. Guess Fanfiction isn't the place for straight people and people who think changing peoples gender and making them have kids is fucked up.
3/8/2018 c1 BlazeStryker
You did miss the abbreviations for the salad greens, the decorations. I *think* the DFC stands for Distinguished Flying/Flight Cross?
11/26/2017 c30 3Aceina
this was a very good fanfic its been on my back burner for years maybe even a decade by now i deeply enjoyed it i dont know if your still writing or even still alive but id love a sequel some day
9/20/2017 c30 1amerdism
Awesome story, I loved it, surprisingly one of the only stories where a human takes advantage of the macronisation chamber to grow to zentradi size. Will there be a sequel.
9/14/2017 c16 Guest
Ranma sing?

'For the talent portion of this pangeant I will do a couple of high speed kata with this metal staff.'

Ranma's kata was almost impossible to follow and extremely graceful although the small booms as she swung the staff had to be special effects.
When she wound down she held the staff horizontally in front of the crowd.
With screeching sound the metal twisted and in no time at all there was a little metal balloon animal sitting on stage.
With a small bow she handed it to the announcer who notably struggled with the weight as she strutted from stage.

Something like this, I think is a bit more 'Ranma'.
Singing is so darn cliché.
1/20/2017 c30 Alex2909
interesting story idea
1/30/2016 c28 Guest
Maybe but according to the series & manga it's Dr. Ono Tofu
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