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for The Time on the Cinammon Moon

6/6/2006 c16 Readerforlife
wow! great chapter. can't wait for more
6/6/2006 c16 2ilovelobsters
Brilliant chapter, wonderful emotion. Can't wait to find out what the end is (but sad for it to end)...
6/6/2006 c16 Mrs D Malfoy
Another great chapter! I'm so happy that she said yes! You worried me for a minute! Please update soon!
6/6/2006 c16 Monnbeam
great chapter
6/4/2006 c15 IceBlack
Update! update!
5/27/2006 c15 anonymous
Brilliant story looking forward to continue with the story update soon
5/23/2006 c15 mark my words
omigosh! i hope she says yes what happens next?
5/19/2006 c4 26Saiya-jin girl
this is so psychadelic..its messing with my brain..but in a good way..ahaha

5/19/2006 c2 Saiya-jin girl
hm its remus! hahahah...i think..

5/19/2006 c1 Saiya-jin girl
thanks for the review..and oo i wana know who it is! loll

4/26/2006 c15 7abovetheserpentine

I'm one of those people that read your story, but didn't review... (pardon my french) bloody brilliant story, my friend. This story is great, damn cliff-hangers though! Argh! Haha, but seriously, keep going, it's brilliant.

4/25/2006 c15 15ThePranksterQueens
you finally updated, and now you're going to leave me hanging!argh.. the tension!
4/20/2006 c15 3meeshwuu
AH Cliffy! Im poisoned! jkjk lolz, I hope she says yes! They're a match made in heaven :] Can't wait for your next update
4/18/2006 c1 40Mr. Fishy
Your killing me here! I said I would just have to bug you untill you updated well here I'am. Come back please, please!

Lazy Days
4/15/2006 c15 7Angelic Bladez
It's been far too long since you've updated, well to me it has been lol. Great chapter, it was extremely sweet however as much as I would love for Hermione to say yes and stay in the past with Remus I think she will decline the offer of being his wife because at the start of chapter five it more or less saying that it has already occurred therefore she would have had to of returned? I don’t know I’m just going with things and I could be completely wrong with my accusing.

Anyways please update again soon,


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