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for The Time on the Cinammon Moon

7/30/2012 c20 1AllMyBestLines
This is fantastic, you did a wonderful job!
5/3/2012 c20 jowilleatyuh
...Chapter 18, I absolutely loved- but I hate how this ended- I was actually hoping for them not to get back together xD Teehee sorry I'm more of a time-travel Remu&Herm fan :p But it's still good nonetheless- brilliantly written (:
2/23/2012 c1 AliceinWonderland13
7/16/2011 c5 Too lazy to login
Firstly, I know you pro'lly won't read this, but you can't stutter in you own thoughts. It's... Not possible. Well, I suppose it could be but you'd have to do it yourself.

Anyways, great story. Weeeee.
4/30/2011 c2 7Cecy Martinez
Poor Hermione! Yeah, it's difficult to look the person you like when he's in love with other D:
3/8/2011 c20 8GothicKitten91
wow, well this story was great. i love the use of a locket rather then a typical time turner.

but the one thing i didnt like is that you never gave 'Jane' a wand. also. the nightmare/dream chapter, with Remus dreaming first, he was dreaming of 'Hermione' not 'Jane' when he should of been dreaming of 'Jane' because he doesnt know her as 'Hermione' yet.

i love how the songs you choose fit so perfectly, i googled the lyrics to find out the songs and played them on youtube in the back ground while reading. it helped bring more life to the story.

i found myself crying, and grinning through out your story and i love how you've written it. if i was to make a suggestion on how you could make it better it would be, perhaps you could make each chapter a little longer?

looking forward to reading more from you.

8/16/2010 c20 4KT8812
Congratulations on the completion of a wonderful story! I enjoyed the gentle romance and the sweet language. Most of all i appreciate the fact that you could keep the chapters to a moderate length, keeping to the crux of the matter instead of writing long exhaustive chapters (something i am apt to do). Most of all I appreciate the fact that you honored your commitment by completing the story. Nothing pains me more than seeing well written incomplete stories which leave you hanging with no end in sight. Great Job!
7/10/2010 c20 BeckyBoo12221

It doesn't matter about the age yes it is a little bit weird but if they love each other and always will, it really shouldn't make a diifferance, keep up the work and have fun writing,



P.S; Really good story and I'm going to recomend you to all my friends and readers!
7/10/2010 c1 BeckyBoo12221

This is really good, I'm sirius(Haha) I'm to writing my first fanfic, It is about Harry's parents at hogwarts, anyway keep writing and have fun,


2/25/2010 c11 Stranger
Nice the plot BUT...don't you think that Remus & Hermione are blushing entirely too much?
1/5/2010 c20 mj
wow that was awesome i love reading your fictions,you are a good writer
12/2/2009 c20 12madmaddiee
Aww, this was too cute. I loved it!

6/19/2009 c13 2the sudoku kid
This is a great story, I'll have fu reading the rest I know it.
1/18/2009 c20 1slythernightowl
1/18/2009 c15 slythernightowl
Wow. I was actually crying by the end of this chapter. don't ask me why because i dunno. maybe how sweet their play was in the meadow, the flowers, he's sweetness...ah fictional characters. where is my real-life remus?
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