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for The Time on the Cinammon Moon

9/23/2008 c20 Aly93
loved it!
7/7/2008 c20 2Twiliction
aw! that wuz a cute ending! i really liked it! good luck with ur other writing if u r writing anything else!
6/17/2008 c20 16bch1993
AW! That was a very cute story! I loved it!
3/2/2008 c20 1I Love Remus
I really loved this story. It was wonderfully written.
2/7/2008 c20 Bxkcplddiejbfd
I found the trailer for this on youtube and looked it up straight away, and read it straight through from start to finish and im glad i did! I love this story!

Lupins 4eva and always!
2/1/2008 c3 87remuslives
ah, poor hermione.
1/8/2008 c20 1Curiouserniffler
great story, I was pulled in impediatly and spent quite a bit of time sitting in front of this computer to finish it. I really loved the story, remus was so cute, I loved it!
1/8/2008 c5 Sweet-Oklahoma
I really liked this story. I am hoping you do more with hermione and Lupin.
1/4/2008 c20 12Jenny-Beth
*sigh* That's such a brilliant happy ending! And I do so love my happy endings!

Well done. This was thoroughly enjoyeable and I am rather sad that it is over.

Jeep on writing!

1/2/2008 c20 3meeshwuu
aw, this was such a cute epilogue (:

i really enjoyed reading this story x]
12/30/2007 c20 3Caramel Crazy
Very sweet. I like how Hermione's parents disowned her (sort of); it makes the big, happy ending more believable. Great work on the epilogue!
12/29/2007 c20 Readerforlife
loved it :] beautiful ending
11/13/2007 c19 Caramel Crazy
Wonderful story, and very well written.
11/6/2007 c19 4Opy
great story. Did you ever write an epilogue? I'd be up for it!
8/10/2007 c19 1Luv2FigureSkate8
EPILOGUE! So A! Please write one! I loved this story by the way!
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