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1/14/2007 c17 1Smiley Gurl 87
COOL CHAPTER! I love it! UPdate soon! so Kagome's going on a mission! OO I CANT WAIT!
1/14/2007 c17 25Shounen-Ai
I know who the Takashi person is! It's InuYasha isn't It! I'm very good with clues! So please update soon or I'll cry!
1/14/2007 c17 DaRk MiKo18

is takashi supposed to be inuyasha?

kuz this IS an Inuyasha/kagome

and just to say

i love it!

write more damnit!

i want to read...

update son.



very awesome.
1/14/2007 c17 2lizziekins
Yay! I'm so happy! Great job update soon!
12/28/2006 c16 VirginiasGirl
12/17/2006 c16 GoneCloseExit
update plz!
11/16/2006 c16 The Kitty
Dude, weres the next chapter? i'm crazy about the story! so update soon please
10/17/2006 c16 Rebelde hater3
Where the fuck is the end? I'm crazy about this story. I really love it! Make new chapter soon
10/14/2006 c16 Flower Tears
update! hay, say something like after shessy cleaned the blood up, he revived inuyasha with his sword or something because i need inu to live T.T i love this story though
10/11/2006 c16 4albinocuriousity
I like this story very much. I hope you update soon.
10/1/2006 c16 2jessiskags
this story was so sad i was litteraly crying all the time. please hurry and finish the story!
8/30/2006 c16 4Karin Kinomoto
Wow! Update! I was hooked on this fic since it started. Go and update NOW!
8/24/2006 c16 2inuyasha-kagomeluver
great story.cant wait till next chap.
8/18/2006 c16 Kisskitty
Holy Shit!

*fastens seatbelt!

Lets Go! I'm READY to see what's coming next!

Sorry I gaven't reviewed in a while. The damned computer didn't tell me you update! *kicks computer and points at it* Shit pipe!

I am so mad that this happened. But I hope that it warns me next time!

Before I go, I gotta question, is Inuyasha coming back?

I sure as hell hope so!

7/24/2006 c16 3CrystalZodiac
Hello, i just thought that i'd tell you that i think your story is REALLY AWESOME! it kept me up until 3:50 AM reading it. I also read Highschool Daze and i thought it was really great as well. keep up the good work, i look forward to reading much more of Inuyasha's and his friends escapades.
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