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11/15/2005 c4 4X-x-XLissaX-x-X

woah dat was good bloomin hell i loved it especially the bit with inu and kagome

11/14/2005 c4 addicted2reviews
really love your story update soon
11/14/2005 c4 lttlemscrzy
go miroku!yay! i love this story, i can imagine everything. i feel bad for kagome but i agree with inuyasha. update soon,like...tomorrow.

love...peace...and chicken wings

(i'm hungry)
11/14/2005 c4 DaRk MiKo18
yay! that was great...great story...great plot...kant wait until the next chapter...thanks again
11/14/2005 c4 2Child of the Silvery Moon
aw that sucks! naraku dies right? lol i'm so impaciant lol but till then i shall be a good person ^-^
11/14/2005 c3 4Heaven and Earth
I truely hope that you will update SOON, please? Cause I REALLY liked it and I I NEED to know what will happen next! So, PLEASE update SOON, please?

Heaven and Earth
11/13/2005 c3 1lil gurly gurl
11/10/2005 c3 DaRk MiKo18
wow great story the suppense is killing me...i kant wait until the next chapter...great job by the way A+
11/10/2005 c3 ominous-cloud
11/8/2005 c3 71WitchyGirl99
This is really good! Update soon!
11/7/2005 c3 2untiltherosebleeds
OMG...OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. must i say it again OMG. You realy need to review this is going on my fav. list ASAP. in other words now. b/c this is going on my fav. list you WILL update now.
11/5/2005 c2 1inu-unnamedgirl
great story so far update soon
11/5/2005 c2 LoraLaing
You. Must.Update!Awsome plot!
11/5/2005 c3 NightStar
WOW! that was so GOOD! now hurry and UP-DATE ASAP!
11/4/2005 c2 cRusAdor
ur story is way too awesome!i loike! =]
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