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for Thy Kingdom Come

11/9/2013 c12 trishnjefflover
I love it u should make a sequel
4/1/2010 c12 2NOhardyz
this is the best jeff hardy/trish fanfic that i have read so far. at first i didnt like that trish got pregnant, but i LOVED how you captured hardy's frustration when he found out and that he wasnt mad at her just, he just couldnt understand why would she run. i just wanted trish to abort it cause i couldnt picture the two of them (even if they were with other people) having a kid. but in Chapter 12, you won me over. i love how they both knew they didnt really know what to do but stick together and think about what just happened. that's realistic! and when she kept running into jeff, especially at the end, i just couldnt help but smile at that. lol

you can write! you had symbols, motifs, themes, static, dynamtic, literary devices omg YOU ARE TALENTED. fuckin brillant, romantic, lustful, romantic, did i mention romantic? fanfiction I LOVE THIS STORY! 5 STARS!
1/23/2009 c12 33RatedRCouture
This story was amazing!
12/27/2008 c1 vanessasakura09
Wonderful story! I almost cried when I read Chapter 10-12!
12/20/2008 c12 Smp1991
Awesome story i am completely overwhelmed by it EXCELLENT! *)
7/18/2007 c12 13xFireSpritex
AH! I loved it! Yay for them coming together in the end! And the final paragraphs were perfect! *bows down*
7/18/2007 c11 xFireSpritex
I'm happy for them in the sense that they created something wonderful and very sad that she ran away and that Jeff is so torn up about it.
7/18/2007 c10 xFireSpritex
I think I know what's going on and I don't know if it's wonderful or not...nice cliffhanger there.
7/18/2007 c9 xFireSpritex
what's wrong with Trish? *worries*
7/17/2007 c8 xFireSpritex
I loved this chapter. I would read more but sleep is calling my name. Until later. I love this story fyi.
7/17/2007 c7 xFireSpritex
sometimes I wish you would write jeff as the desperate to tell everyone type but I love how you keep him consistent and he's so reassuring and sweet everytime. nice job.
7/17/2007 c6 xFireSpritex
the puddle you made me previously has expanded to make a puddle three times larger. dear god I adore your writing skills and your ability to write intimate scenes so well, something I feel I fail at. However you rock so therefore bonus points for you.
7/17/2007 c5 xFireSpritex
*points to the puddle on the floor* that's me! this chapter was so amazing...just wow.
7/17/2007 c4 xFireSpritex
Hooray for pulling the "I don't feel good" card! woot!
7/17/2007 c3 xFireSpritex
Silly Trish. Stay home with Jeff! I sure as heck would! Wonderful chapter darling
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