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7/17/2007 c2 13xFireSpritex
the scene you paint is so beautiful. I adore you. :)
7/17/2007 c1 xFireSpritex
*bows down to you* Matt x Ashley and Jeff x Trish all in one! Ah *praises you* and I love how Trish "sorta" forgot how cute he is hahah.
7/12/2007 c12 15Zenkindoflove
Yay! What a beautiful, beautiful ending. Oh man that was awesome. It was better than I anticipated.

This chapter was so dark at the beginning. Trish's house just felt so empty, and she was just so devastated. The whole time I kept thinking, "Okay, now Jeff needs to come RIGHT NOW! Okay... NOW! Oh, damn it! Now!" And just when I thought that he did, it was all just a dream. What a crazy ass dream too. I really liked it though. It definitely suited this situation very well. When Jeff said, "Why did you leave me behind?" That just broke my heart.

You did something though that I was hoping you'd do since I found out she was leaving. I was sitting here saying to myself, "Oh please, please, please do this. It would be so awesome if she did it." And you did! I'm talking about Trish running out into the storm right, unknowingly right into Jeff's arms like that night with the storm and the cabin. And when I got to that part in this chapter, I did a little dance in my chair. That seriously tied everything together in a big way. I love that he wasn't mad at her and I melted when he rubbed her stomach and told her to come home with him.

This was an amazing story. It was incredibly passionate, beautifully written and I'm just so happy that I read it. It's definitely going in my favorites list. :)
7/12/2007 c11 Zenkindoflove
Ah, they're both so sad. Trish is regretting her decision to leave now even tough she keeps telling herself it was the right thing to do. I hope Jeff will try to find her. She doesn't want to hurt his career. :( Aw, I can understand that. Hopefully Jeff can find her and they'll be a happy family.

My favorite line from this chapter:

But as her eyes welled, she realized it was a mere nothing compared to the North Carolina sky she had fallen in love with.

Fallen in love..
7/12/2007 c10 Zenkindoflove
Oh man! She's pregnant! Why oh why did I not see that coming? Haha, well that definitely threw a curveball in my direction. I should have suspected when she said she was going to the drugstore. I just thought that was a lie though. Oh man...

I really liked the beginning of this, how she just knew by how different she had been acting and she really didn't need a test to confirm it. It was a really great personal Trish moment. She has been so caught up in her attraction and love affair with Jeff, she has sort of fallen away from who she used to be, whether that be a good or bad thing. I did like that even though she has been feeling really down, the only times she has felt alive was when she was with Jeff. That line made my heart pitter patter. :)

Oh no! She's going back to Canada. :( Jeff is going to be so incredibly sad. Agh! I must read the next chapter right away!
7/12/2007 c9 Zenkindoflove
Aw, Trish is sad. I bet she's worried about what will happen with their relationship when she has to go back to Canada. Poor dear. Hopefully Jeff gets home soon and talks to her. Either some really heavy angst or good fluffiness is in store for me. I can feel it.

Again, I ADORE your pathetic fallacy angle. I don't think I've ever read too many fanfic authors that set the mood of the chapter quite like that. That is really what is standing out most to me in this fic, other than the yummy Extreme Stratusfaction goodness.
7/12/2007 c8 Zenkindoflove
Yay! She loves sneaking around. Hehe... I knew she would. Sneaking around is fun. They are so cute together in this.

"It seems so wild and raunchy."

I giggled at Jeff's answer to that. I adore their playfulness and how hot they are for each other. Imagining them wrestling to get in the front seat of the car was so adorable in my mind. I lurvers them!

Hehe, and now Ashley and Matt are catching on. I loved that Ashley started noticing first. Typical that the guy would be so unobservant, but that's probably because Matt is so infatuated by his own lady love anyways. He's starting to see it too now! I can't wait to see how all of this turns out.
7/12/2007 c7 Zenkindoflove
Well, I definitely wasn't expecting that, Jeff wanting to keep it a secret, but I actually really like the angle you're going for. Secret relationships are always fun. The sneaking around, the wrongness of it all... hehe. Hopefully Trish has fun with it even though she seems a little hurt by his suggestion. I guess I'll just have to see with the next chapter.
7/12/2007 c6 Zenkindoflove
Oh, I wasn't expecting that at the end. I love it. How she said it right before and he said it at the end. It was perfect.

Very, very hot chapter. Wow. That was intense and so beautiful all at once. I seriously got chills. I loved how they snuck away from Matt and Ashley and ran out to the cottage together. I adored this line.

This very moment, her hand in his, that she realized what she really wanted. To run. To just run with him forever.

I think that really sums up Jeff's character. He's Mr. Extreme with a sensitive side, and being with him is like an adventure that you can't help but get sucked into. I think you really portray that well with how caught up Trish is in her desire for him.

Man, the entire sex scene was on fire. It was subtle in the sense that you left a lot up to the reader's imagination, but it was also a very well constructed smut piece. Your attention to detail really paid off in this scene and I think that's what really made it wonderful. It was so very real. The ecstasy, the emotions, the spontaneity... all of it was just awesome.
7/12/2007 c5 Zenkindoflove
Wow, very hot. You're an excellent writer. Once again, I loved how you used the storm to symbolize all the whirling emotions happening in both of them. You set up atmosphere so marvelously! I thought the little cottage idea was cool. Jeff seems like he would have a little hide out to have some alone time.

I liked how you built up the kiss. Little looks here, and little touches there until they just ran into each others arms and practically devoured each other. Lol... nice.
7/12/2007 c4 Zenkindoflove
Aw, I love how fascinated she is with him. Taking a few minutes longer just to watch him. It shocked me a little bit when she walked outside and saw that he was staring right at her. I can just feel the intensity between these two. Jeff is already intense looking to begin with, what with his amazing cheekbone structure and gorgeous eyes. I sort of feel like I'm in Trish's body when I read this, and I feel very small when he looks at her. It really adds to the nervous tension you have built.

Squee! And now she's going back because she just has to see him! I'm so excited!
7/12/2007 c3 Zenkindoflove
Aw, he wanted to spend some along time with her since they were interrupted. Hopefully he isn't too upset. I guess I'll just have to go onto the next chapter to figure that out.

I really like the pathetic fallacy angle your going with. Trish opening the window to let the wind in was actually quite a moment as trivial as it would seem to outsiders. The wind represent confusion for her, and she open the window so it could have some kind of direction. It was like she was trying to find some clarity.

Am I looking too far into this? :P

Man, that was intense, just how they quickly walked right into each other and almost kissed. It's like both of them just know how the other is feeling and they are completely okay with that. They are communicating through simple caresses and touches. You just don't get much hotter than that. Okay.. you do... with a little smutty smut, but you know what I mean.
7/12/2007 c2 Zenkindoflove
Beautiful, beautiful imagery in this. You really paint a picture of the scene very well with your words. I could really see just how beautiful the scenery was. Excellent.

“..it’s beautiful, isn’t it? ..sorta like.. a kingdom.”

That takes me back to Trish in her own backyard, a queen without a kind. Hehe... I really like where you are going with this.
7/12/2007 c1 Zenkindoflove
Yay! I'm so excited about getting into this ship again. I thought it was completely dead for me for so long.

Great first chapter. I really loved the imagery you used with Trish's yard and the fall leaves. Usually when you think of vacation and two people falling in love, you imagination the summer time (a lot like another favorite couple of ours) but I think I'm really digging this chilly fall idea. Especially with that last part when Jeff put the blanket around Trish. Hehe.

I like how immediately when they saw each other, they could feel that attraction that has probably always been there.

Matt's cute, getting all excited about seeing Ashley and all. I laughed quite a few times at his reactions.

Onto chapter 2!
5/16/2007 c12 5Sanoru
This is the 5th time I've read this story, and it seems to get better with everytime! It's so emotional, and I'm sure I have probably reviewed it before but I had to again. You really have a beautiful talent and I hope you continue to write such stories. Jeff Hardy is my favorite wrestler, and how you portray him is perfect in my eyes. Thank you! You're just plain awesome! :D
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