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for Thy Kingdom Come

9/24/2006 c11 18xxxxcrazychickxxxx
luved the update and cnt wait for more x
9/23/2006 c11 6DraggonflyMaiden
Wow, that was a very emotional chapter and it was written so

well. Good job and great story!
9/23/2006 c11 20Pinayprincesa
hm wonder what Jeff will do?
9/23/2006 c11 14Daddy's LiL HeartBreaker
Poor Jeff and Trish! He needs to get his fine southern booty up to Toronto or wherever she's headed.
9/23/2006 c11 Twilightrobfan213
That is really good! I hope Jeff finds her! Keep up the good work!
9/23/2006 c11 1Takerslady
That bitch, how can she just run off like that! I can see her being scared and confused, but hurt, why would she be hurt? Jeff should be the one who's hurt. Trish is being so selfish. Great chapter, update soon please. :)
9/23/2006 c11 23SkittlezLvr79
God, you're killing me but I love it! Hurry back with more!
8/22/2006 c10 Xfrozensorcerer
cant wait for more
8/19/2006 c10 18xxxxcrazychickxxxx
is she pregnat? omg and she left! update soon, luved this chapter, well writen x
8/10/2006 c10 Stratusfication
I love your story! I also love the Trish and Jeff pairing. Please update pretty soon. And keep up with your wonderful stories. Thanks
8/8/2006 c10 6DraggonflyMaiden
Wow, this story is very, very good.

And you wrote chapter 6 perfectly.

Great job!
8/8/2006 c10 MrsVuori
Love it so far! Please update soon!

The story is so well written, I can't wait for more.

8/7/2006 c10 1Takerslady
I Knew It! I Knew It! I Said It! I said she was pregnant! OMG! Now Trish is gonna be stupid and decide to never tell Jeff about his child. Doesn't she think he has a right to know, if he does find out, he should be royaly pissed at Trish, gotta go now, RAW's on! Update soon. :)
8/7/2006 c10 20Pinayprincesa
aw poor Trish:( What is she going to do?
8/7/2006 c10 Twilightrobfan213
That was really good, I'm so happy you updated! I wonder whats gonna happen next! Keep up the great work!
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