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for Thy Kingdom Come

1/22/2006 c5 AyO iT's JeFFro
i REALY like this story alot, i like how u wrote it out, to tell u the truth, i like all your stories, your madd god..but PLEASE update this story its really good n i wanna see how jeff n trish workout, their the best together..alright keep up the good work n update soon
1/6/2006 c5 453Funky In Fishnet
Wow! Such a passionate chapter. It made me smile and cheer and squee so much. They are such a great couple, keep it up :- )
1/5/2006 c5 10estkella
This story is so sweet I love Trish/Jeff! Update soon
1/5/2006 c5 18xxxxcrazychickxxxx
1/4/2006 c5 DirrrtyBrown lazy to sign in
wait...she loves Jeff? Already?

Aww...*tears* that's so beautiful. Do I have to wait long for the next update. I hope not, you're gonna end up killing me.

1/4/2006 c4 mrsmcsteamy
holy shaz, i love this story =| you have to update or else i swear i'm going to cry! lol you're a good writer.
1/4/2006 c5 7kandiland
OH COME ON! From one Kandi to another awesome cliffhanger i love to write them myself but PLEASE tell me you are going to update this soon. This story is absolutly beautifuly written. I love it. again please update soon.
1/4/2006 c5 Twilightrobfan213
That kiss is hot! I'm not sure what should happen next. Keep up the good work!
1/4/2006 c5 2TrishOrton
wow that kiss seemed mighty hot lol i loved this chapter and i cant wait for the next :)
12/21/2005 c4 DirrrtyBrown
hey, I really like this story. Wow...I love how Trish is always reflecting and musing and the weather...I absolutely love gloomy days so it's perfect. I hope you can update soon, I'm dying to know what happens next here. Great job, Candy!

12/19/2005 c4 453Funky In Fishnet
This fic is full of longing and loveliness. I really can't wait for more, keep it up :- )
11/23/2005 c4 60Sidders91
awesome fic, trish is my fav diva and jeff's my fav hardy boy, update soon please
11/18/2005 c4 18xxxxcrazychickxxxx
its gettin really intrestin. cnt wait 4 da nxt chapter
11/17/2005 c4 17liloweewoah
i just finished reading the last 4 chapters! They're awesome! i love the story! Go get him Trish!
11/17/2005 c4 2TrishOrton
yay Trish is gonna go back to Jeff lol and dont worry i havent left ur story so update soon :)
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