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3/16/2008 c21 CherryBlossom127
Hey I Love both of your storys that I have read adn I know that you haven't updated this one in like 2 years I still wish that you would update it. It is a very good writer well except for the grammer thing but thats k I do the samething.XD I think that you should keep writing. Keep up the good work and UPDATE please!XP thanks Keep up the good work
11/7/2006 c21 Justin Huston
Great story so far.

E-mail me directly when you decide to update it.
8/28/2006 c9 divad relffehs
"But not stronger than the child growing within Selene. It will be born, not turned, allowing it to unleash it’s true potential," Felicite said.

I don't think that really matter after all Victor was turned and he is considered the strongest Selene was turned and she is one of the strongest
6/25/2006 c21 katie
love it
3/24/2006 c3 15Darwin
Hi there, Haven't been here in a while, and I thought I would pop in and give you another review!

Hopping to it!

"At first she did not memories the previous night " Is this supposed to be "She did not remember..."

"cloths." Clothes

"He had had a rough few days so she felt she owed him some much due sleep and left to get the supplies she had thought of earlier." This is one of those things you learn after many years of getting beat up. Selene just mentioned getting supplies...It really isn't necessary to say "She had thought of earlier." I think it would be better and stronger if you just dropped that part of it.

"Grabbing some clothes out of the even emptier dresser and went numbly into the bathroom." Hee you forgot the subject of this sentence. If you say it out loud you will see what I mean...How about, "Grabbing some clothes out of the yet emptier drawer, Michael moved on automatic to the bathroom."

"After a refreshing shower, that was mainly to wake up, he began to wander around the apartment looking for Selene." Heh, I'm sorry if I am sounding nitpicky here...I would drop "that was mainly to wake up" that is implied by "refreshing."

"He had little comprehension as to what had happened to him with in the last few days and although she was the main reason he was in this mess, he trusted her to get him out, or at least understand it" Nice, now we are starting to see Michael thinking on his own. It is good that he recognizes his need of Selene to help him understand his nature. Well done!

Whoa, we're speaking a different language? HEE nice twist!

"Hungry" I believe it is Hungary if you are talking about the country.

"Because I speak English and she doesn’t know much Hungarian and apparently I am one of the only ones in this coven who speaks English so I was showing her around. Why?" " Wow Breath Felicite! This is a run on sentence. In fact, the last sentence repeats the first. How about breaking it up like this: "Because I speak English, and she doesn't know much Hungarian. So, I thought I might...y'know...show her around."

‘Not that they should, I am deceiving them, but for good reason,’ she thought to herself.

HEE who else can she be thinking to? LOL drop "to herself" I mean unless she's telepathic or something? LMAO!

Sorry, I have so many telepath's in my stories!

"but I almost feel like I should almost be with her." You've repeated "Almost" here...

Interesting...I wonder how long Felicite can hold out on the "lie" she is keeping..."Serina" Sounds like she could be trouble for Felicite if she isn't careful.

I am looking forward to seeing where this goes! It is very interesting, the take you have here is excellent, and I can't wait to see where you go AU with the storyline!

2/28/2006 c2 Darwin
Hi, one more time...Then I will have to get to work. HEE...

One thing I noted right of the bat here is some head hopping. One thing that I have come to realize and have been told that headhopping within a chapter is a pretty big no no. Try to keep your POV's with one particular character at least for some length of time before switching to another character. Also make sure to delineate your switches with some kind of break between sections.

" don’t have as easy of axis," he said." Hee its "ease of access"

"century and a half," I got the impression that Selene was quite a bit older than that... like 5-6 hundred years. But then again the first movie didn't quite so much age on SElene, they kinda pushed her "birth" back a lot to fit with the search for the keys to William's cell in the second film.

"venerable." I think you meant vulnerable. Venerable is a term of honor.

I question the decision by Selene and Michael to go back to the apartment. The Vampires don't know where it is but the Lycans certainly do. There is a liklihood that they would come back to try and capture or recruit Michael to their cause. Just a thought!



2/28/2006 c1 Darwin
Hello, I made it over here.

I can see that this was slightly harder for you to write. The dialogue is a bit strained and you are searching a bit for the direction of the storyline.

Overall we are right back at it, and I am getting the impression you are trying to liberate Felecite from Selene and Michael. I'm looking forward to see how you are going to handle this.

I'm also of the impression that you are writing this before Evolution came out, so it will be interesting to see your take on this.

2/17/2006 c19 Serious Fan
That Seriene girl is terrible. Uh, i once like her character. But now...
2/9/2006 c18 Ellethiel
Aw. I like the last thing that Selene says to Michael. I finally caught up in reading the chapters. Hehe, tis good though sometimes when I get more to read. Anyway, the progression of the story's very interesting. I like that Trevor's more open to trusting Selene and Michael, probably helps that he feels for Felicite. I still like him. :) and I do like the fact that Serina is there. I liked Amelia and only wish that we could have seen more of her in the film, either one of them actually. I think she would have been a neat character. And I can see Serina's reaction to the news being as it turned out here. I guess most of the vampires, least of all an elder's daughter, would be open to such a drastic change. I liked these last few chapters and anticipate where this will be going next. A good thing about your story is that with Marcus maybe doing what he did in Evolution, at least yours can seem to have the feel for more of a plot. It seemed driven only by Marcus and Selene and Michael dealing with him in the movie but yours looks like it'll cover more of what's going on in the coven and with the lycans after Lucian. :) Tis cool.
2/6/2006 c1 26Wannabanauthor
i luv this story! keep up the amazing work and update often!
2/2/2006 c17 angrytolkienpurist
This is pretty awsome. Most of the UW fics I read have some crazy addition or twist, but you seem to have made this both easily believeable and entertaining. Keep updating or I will throw bats at you! ;)
1/30/2006 c17 4xXKaternator
Aw that was so sweet xD I loved it. Its really starting to get good. Hope to have lots of updates soon :D
1/27/2006 c16 xXKaternator
Wow I just stumbled on your story "Just like her" today and read straight through both stories. I must say I was skeptical with the first one, since it was merely a rewrite, but I have to say that you blended both stories beautifully, and I am in love with this story. You are an excellent writer, and I hope to read more. Please update soon :)
1/18/2006 c16 SkipsBarLea
Oh it's so great please keep going
1/12/2006 c16 Ellethiel
Hey, I think the childbirth part was pretty good, especially since I don't know anything about it either, thankfully. :) I enjoyed this chapter; it was sweet reading about the twins and I think it's adorable that Selene had two, a boy and girl instead of the expected only child. And the names are neat too. I still like that Felicite has Trevor but I wonder what will happen with Erika, if she's to spy on the trio when they meet Michael. I hope Selene recovers her health and weight. I am interested now how this will go, if the pack will become more ready to accept Selene, eventually if at all? And I wonder if the twins will be safe? This is great; I hope to read more of it soon. :)
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