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for I'll Light the Way, Like the Moon

3/31/2011 c1 16PrincessKooh
Ooo nice story. I had nearly forgotten the ring. Great choice.
7/12/2006 c1 3Kasumi Sakurai
ARGH! Do NOT mix two languages! v.v
2/8/2006 c1 3OrenjiNari
Waah! Kawaii!ne ne plz update?^3^
11/8/2005 c1 priestessmykala
ilove it it is so sweet

and i have to say that your use of and even your spelling of the japanese language is absolutely superb!
11/1/2005 c1 67Lightning-Dono
Nice! I didn't like the excessive random use of Japanese within it, though. I understand it since I take Japanese as a class at school, but man...people won't be able to understand this if they don't know basic Japanese. o_o; It's cute, though!

Oh, and you commented on "Sweet, Sweer Lies" and asked why Eichi-kun was afraid of the moon? Read the side-story on him at the end of the 3rd volume of the manga. ^^
10/29/2005 c1 9freakyvampire
Um...this review doesnt count! Okay, when Mitsuki says, "Watashi-wa, Mitsuki-chan des!" She means that, "I'm Mitsuki-chan!" Hm...also when she says, "Skiidaiyou, Takuto!" She meant, "I like/love you Takuto!"

Daijoubou means are you okay?

Iei means no

hyakou means hurry up.
10/26/2005 c1 Vanalla
heheh hey this is *ahem* vivi...oaoao ur story is good! it's so cute^o^~
10/26/2005 c1 3Cerialyne
as Akina mentioned, it would be great if there's some translation of japanese words. I fortunetaly understood all the words, but the others maybe not.

About your story, i found it good ^^. yeah ! Meroko isn't forgotten ! I like her a lot !

I'm waiting for the following chapters !

Good continuation !
10/19/2005 c1 akina
It's a bit rushed, and for those who don't know Japanese that well, it'd be nice to include some translations or something for them.

Other than that your story's good, so far ^_^ Please continue!

- akina
10/17/2005 c1 Takuto Lover
it was a lil rushed in the begining and it was a short chapter but you have a really good fic going here keep up the good work ^_^

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