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for Letting Go

5/18/2006 c1 Just some person
It's ok, I know. It seemed just the right length! I loved that you put in the guardian angel comment, it is one of my favorite qoutes (even though it didn't go how it did in the show, it is still quoteish right?). I hope you plan on writing more, it's really good.

1/22/2006 c1 2Em-958
Oh my ... Very emotional. Especially for Sydney .. And no Vaughn to come to her Emotional Rescue.. So sad, you made shed some tears.

Nice story, as you said, you repeated some of the sings a couple of times, but that's true, Sydney is really stuborn, so I think it right to do that.

Very nice story :) A little "supernatural", wich I love lol

Thanks for the review on my Alias story "I was made for loving you"

I actually had some troubles with getting the text right. It seemed that whatever I did, it was hard to read it. So in ther end I settled with to break it up to different parts. I think it worked, but I don't like "pushing enter twise" between everything, it makes it to "airy" if you know what I mean? But thanks for the tip anyway, I might try to do even more airy ;)

Keep on writing like this, itäs great stuff. can't wait to read more Alias fanfiction from you!

11/10/2005 c1 25TheAfterglow
I love this part:

“What happens when she grows up?”

“I’ll become a cat person.”


Very touching overall.

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