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6/27/2013 c5 2LuisaRose
I really liked these, I liked the note you struck and the interesting viewpoints from which you write. I think they could do with some fine-tuning, stylistically speaking, for example cutting out a couple of unnecessary sentences and just letting the story speak for itself. But otherwise, really well written. Have you read Angela Carter's 'The Company of Wolves'?
3/30/2011 c5 24Araedia
All these fics are so amazing... I wish you'd write some more. My favorites were Mother's Child and Punishment.
10/4/2009 c5 Morning-Sunset
The little stories were truly beautiful- very intricate and whimsical but dark too. I think my favourite one was Rapunzel (though, to be honest, the Prince sounds like the creep I always knew he was). Actually, my beta Bistre-Melancholia is writing stories similar to this in a collection called "Waiting".

This was a great read and I'm so glad I read it!

6/27/2009 c1 1Scatter Hart
This is really very beautiful. The characters emotions are very well written and i thought it flowed and spun together so well.

Take Your Bow.
7/17/2008 c5 32HopeGrace1290
I love these stories! I wish you'll add more...
6/25/2008 c1 3Raenad
That was gorgeous. I've always been drawn to this tragic story, even from a young age. Beautiful work!
12/2/2007 c5 Salem-the-Banshee
another touching remake. I dont know how u do it, but u do. Keep using ur gift for writing. I look forward to seeing more of ur work in the future.
12/2/2007 c4 Salem-the-Banshee
another excellent one. I love who u can say so much in so little.
12/2/2007 c3 Salem-the-Banshee
ah, yes. classic. Beautifally redone. I applaude ur talent and ur smarts for using that talent. Excellent work...agin.
12/2/2007 c2 Salem-the-Banshee
i can only review in one word, and its is true: breathtaking.
12/2/2007 c1 Salem-the-Banshee
ah. an excellent way to say so much in so little. I applaude your writing skills and imagination for they are the best i have seen in a long while.
7/20/2007 c1 25indigo.lizzy
pretty cool story. didn't really like the romance parts but the angsty parts were well written. nice job.
6/10/2007 c5 PsyKnight
Awesome. I especially like the first two and the last one.
5/1/2007 c5 4Dagon ng Likha
Amazing retellings.
9/8/2006 c1 ghostofthewaterflame
GO MORBIDITY! hey, by the way, have you seen the Labyrinth? You might actually like it, since the main dude is a Fae...Anyway, keep the morbid words up! I loved Ocean's Child
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