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9/30/2013 c13 3FabulousSleepyHead
Please make a sequel?
2/24/2013 c13 251N Harmonic
AH! you should do a sequel oneshot maybe!
1/11/2011 c13 7StarAngel531
love it you did a good job on this story but the way you ended it one must wounder are you going to make a sequel to this story I hope so I would love to read that someday.
5/4/2009 c13 1Author.Mitsuki
Aw, that was a very sad ending...well, except for the part where Sango and Miroku got married. However, I really did like the ending where you connected the ending of this story with the beginnings of Kurama/Shuichi in Yu-Yu Hakusho. ^_^

Me likey that part very muchly!

Great job overall, I really enjoyed reading this story.

5/4/2009 c8 Author.Mitsuki
I really liked the interaction between Shippo and Youko in this chapter. It was very believable and I liked that Shippo immediately picked up on his father dishonesty. Shippo's not as naive as he can look sometimes. ^_^

I look forward to seeing how the story plays out from here. And the fact that Naraku knows that Youko and Kuronue liked to him makes things all the more interesting.

Great job!

4/29/2009 c7 Author.Mitsuki
Yay! My two favorite foxes have been reunited. I'm so happy, but I wonder...what are Youko and Kuronue going to do about Naraku?

Oh well, guess I'll have to read and find out. ^_^

4/29/2009 c6 Author.Mitsuki
Oh, this was a great chapter! The humor really amused me too. The whole "look at the sky, what time is it?" thing just killed me. You are a master of comedy, I swear.

Also, I can't wait to read the next chapter and see Shippo reunited with his father...I wonder what crazy drama (and hopefully, more humor) will ensue.

4/29/2009 c5 Author.Mitsuki
Another splendid chapter! Although it has been a long time since I last saw the Inuyasha series, most of the people in your story I remember pretty well.

The white child I don't remember, but Kagura I do. I liked the element of forboding this chapter gave off, especially with the comment about Youko's plants feeding off his energy to stay alive (almost like parasites in a way, ew).

4/29/2009 c4 Author.Mitsuki
[Quote]He chuckled. "I'm brilliant."

And those were the evil thoughts of a maniacal half demon.[End Quote] These two lines in particular I thought were genius...

As for the rest of the chapter, it made me laugh so much! You seem to have much skill with humor. I like it!

And now, on to chapter 5.

4/28/2009 c3 Author.Mitsuki
Alas! I see that the live-count was outvoted. Oh well, makes for an interesting side story anyway.

Shippo is so cute in this chapter! Why does Inuyasha have to be so mean to him? I swear...I wish I could tell him to sit.

Good chapter, I liked the interaction between Youko and Kuronue a lot and the fact that it was Kikyo that happened by is a nice new element as well.

Can't wait to read more!

4/28/2009 c2 Author.Mitsuki
I know the story is complete, but I hope she's still alive!

I liked the part of the story where Shippo was having a flashback from the past. It semd very realistic and I love how you portray the Inu-cast. Everyone is very in-character. I like it!
4/28/2009 c1 Author.Mitsuki
Hi there! Just thought I'd finally get around to reading something of yours for a change. ^_^

The very first time I looked at your profile page, this story just jumped out at me-I mean, the idea is sheer genius. I've always liked Shippo in the series and I felt he was a bit underdeveloped. Surprisingly, this idea hasn't ever come to me or my anime-obsessed cousin.

So anyway, I felt bad for Shippo in this chapter and I could see clearly in my head Youko Kurama and some beautiful lady fox-demon. The idea that Shippo wants to be just as good a thief as his father is nice as well, I look forward to seeing just how he plans to do it.

11/13/2008 c13 loretta537
this was such a sad ending.
11/18/2007 c13 imlovinit92
i really liked this i think its about time somebody said shippos side of the story.
11/12/2007 c13 Miroku's girl
That was awsome!I just have a feiw questions.

1.What happened to Kanna?

2.When Kagome was pregnat(I think it was Kagome)it said Yokou lives again.Does that mean she was pregnat with his reincarnation?

If you write another story will you please post the answers for me?Sorry my mom won't let me give my email address.Anyway,loved the story!
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